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MagdalaArab Village, 1940


Magdala (المجدل), meaning tower, was an ancient city on the shore of the Sea of Galilee, 3 miles (4.8 km) north of Tiberias. In the Babylonian Talmud it is known as Magdala Nunayya (Aramaic: מגדלא נוניה, meaning "Tower of the Fishes"), and which some historical geographers think may refer to Tarichaea, literally the place of processing fish. It is believed to be the birthplace of Mary Magdalene.

Featured Article: Magdala Stone

The Magdala Stone is rectangular and features on the short side a seven-pronged menorah flanked with large jars and columns, on the long sides architectural carvings to give the feeling of being “inside” a Synagogue, and on the top a rosette design with six petals. his is the first menorah to be discovered in a Jewish context and that dates to the Second Temple period/beginning of the Early Roman period.

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