Jabal alFil

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The Jabal alFil (جبل الفيل), or the Jabal al-Fil, litarally meaning the Elephat Mountain, is a monolithic rock formation in Saudi Arabia. It is located some 11 kilometers north-east of al-'Ula and approx fourteen kilometers south of the ancient Nabataean tombs of Madain Saleh. The natural rock formation of Jabal alFil stands approximately 170 feet (52 meters) high.


More recently the area has been developed in to a tourist destination.



The red sandstone "elephant" structure is oriented north-west to south-east and was carved due to the water and wind erosion caused over millions of years. The entire formation measures approx. 85 meters on its longer side measured at the base and approximately 58.5 meters at its widest. The "trunk" of the elephant is also a ground-bound element.

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