Dome of Emir Malik Ashraf Musa (Qubat Musa)

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The Dome of Moses (قبة موسى), also known as the Dome of the Tree, is located on the Mosa terrace, in the middle of western squares of Al-Aqsa Mosque Al-Mubarak, between the Chain Door west, and the Grammar Dome East. It was probably built by al-Ashraf Musa, the last Ayyubid prince (emir) of Homs, a city located in the central region of modern-day Syria.

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The Qubat Musa is situated immediately after entering from Chain Gate, Temple Mount, on the western flank. It is built on a Mastaba, in the middle of the western squares of al-Aqsa Mosque, between as-Silsila Gate west, and an-Nahwiyyah Dome east. It’s situated towards the northeast of the Dome of the Rock. King Najm al din Ayoubbi had it built, in 647 Hj. (1249 CE).


circa 1250 CE

It is a large square room; six meters long and six meters wide. It has six windows, topped by a dome, and has a cantilever outside, and northern entrance, and the terrace surrounded by another mihrab of a high wall. In the past, it was also called the Dome of the Tree; after a huge palm tree that was next to it. Also, it was called the Wide Dome. Today, it is used as a house for memorizing the Holy Quran, where it was the first house of the Holy Quran in Palestine, and still groups graduate from it after learning Tajweed types.


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