al Fatah Mosque (Masjid-i Ahzab)

This masjid is where accordign to tradition the Prophet Muhammad's tent was pitched and he made dua (supplication) during the Battle of Ahzab and where Allah (Glorified and Exalted is He) sent him the glad tidings of victory. It is one of the Seven Mosques built at the site of Ghazwa-i Khandaq (Battle of the Trench).

Date Landscape Notes Reference
c. 627 CE The al-Fatah Mosque at the site of the Battle of Ahzab, view towards west. N/A
c. 627 CE The Mehrab wall and the approach staircase with a few people. Part of the Salman Farsi Mosque can also be seen in the lower right corner, view from the south towards north. N/A
c. 627 CE The view atop the al-Fatah Mosque stairs, looking towards (south) Salman Farsi Mosque, and the Mosque of Umer ibn Khattab can also be seen in the background. N/A
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