Seven Mosques (al-Masajid Sab'a)

It is a group of small mosques, actual number of mosques is six, but it is known by the seven mosques. These mosques are located in the western side of the Sela mountain when part of the trench was dug by Muslims in the time of Prophet Muhammad pbuh to defend Medina, when the Quraish marched in with the tribes in the fifth year of Hijra (migration). These mosques are built on the known sites of troops stationed and monitoring sites of the battle in 627 CE. Each mosque’s name is linked to the conquest except for al-Fatah mosque which was built at the site of the dome (Qubba) of the Prophet. The mosques are in a row from north to south: al-Fathah, Salman Farsi Mosque, abu Bakr Mosque, Umer ibn Khattab Mosque, Ali ibn abi Talib Mosque, Mosque of Fatima.

Date Landscape Notes Reference
c. 627 CE The al-Fatah Mosque at the site of the Battle of Ahzab. It is a small mosque built at the approximate spot where the command post of prophet Muhammad was pitched during the battle. N/A
c. 627 CE The facade of the mosque of Salman Farsi. Wikipedia
c. 627 CE The Mosque of Umer at the site of Ghazwa-i Khandaq N/A
c. 627 CE The abu-Bakr Mosque (lower white structure) at the site of the Battle of Ahzab. Mosque no longer exists as it was razed to make space available for the parking lot at the site. N/A
c. 627 CE Mosque of Ali ibn abi Talib, behind the main gate are the stairs that lead to the main building of the Mosque. N/A
c. 627 CE Mosque of Fatima al-Zahra, at the site of the Ahzab. N/A
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