Tomb of Nabi Dihyah Wahi al-Kalbi

Tomb of Nabi Dihyah Wahi al-Kalbi atop Mount Moreh (Jebel Dahi), the envoy who delivered the Muslim prophet Muhammad's message to the Roman Emperor Heraclius.


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circa 650 CE

Traditional burial place of Dihyah Kalbi (Wahi al-Kalbi) in Ed Dahi, Israel/Palestine. According to Aisha, the Prophet’s wife, he saw Jibril twice “in the shape that he was created” and on other occasions as a man resembling Dihyah ibn Khalifah al-Kalbi, an extraordinarily handsome disciple of Muhammad.

circa 650 CE

The sign identifying the Maqam Nabi Dihyah Kalbi