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Pilgrimage Proxy Scroll 4737

PPS4737 is a handwritten and hand-painted on glazed (abadi) paper using ink and watercolour. Currently in the Museum of Turkish and Islamic Arts Sultanahmet, Istanbul, Turkey, it was originally prepared for and owned by Umme Abbas, wife of Ghalib.


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circa 1206 CE

Inv. 4737, c. 1200 CE Proxy Pilgrimage Scroll. This fragment includes a pair of standards bearing the name of the contemporary Abbasid caliph, al-Nasir (r. AH 575–622 / AD 1180–1225); the standard on the right is partially preserved. Below this emblem is a colour depiction of Mount Arafat flanked by candlesticks. Below this are depictions of the Maqam-i Ibrahim, a stone associated with the Prophet Abraham, and the water wells. Further below this is a depiction of al-Muzdalifa, where pilgrims spend the night as part of their pilgrimage duties, and al-Mina, which is the third most important site for pilgrims. The empty spaces in between the drawings are filled with inscriptions describing the requirements for the pilgrimage.

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