Kiosk of Nectanebo I (Philae)

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Kiosk of Nectanebo I was built on the southern end of the island, it stands at the main entrance to the colonnade. It was built in the 30th dynasty, to honor Isis, and it is clear that it was the prototype for the later kiosks on the island and elsewhere.


circa 350 BCE

Nectanebo’s Kiosk is a pillared, roofless hall that originally had 14 columns, of which six remain. The remaining columns have two capitals — the ornate floral capitals, and above them hathor-headed square columns. The walls of this vestibule are decorated with reliefs of the king sacrificing various items to the gods. Screen walls of the Kiosk are connected by Hathor columns and topped with uraei (serpentine) carvings.

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