Domes of the Umayyad Mosque

Date Landscape Notes Reference
c. 1894 CE Dome of the Eagle (Qubat ul-Nisr), located atop the center of the prayer hall. The original wooden dome was replaced by one built of stone following the 1893 fire. With hight of 118 feet, it receives its name because it is thought to resemble an eagle, with the dome itself being the eagle's head while the eastern and western flanks of the prayer hall represent the wings. N/a
c. 790 CE Dome of the Treasury (Qubat ul-Khazna), was used to house the mosque's funds. Also built on the orders of al-Fadl ibn Salih ibn Ali Abbasid governer of the city towards the second half of the second century Hijrah. The dome used to hold the mosque's large endowments. Some Greek, Latin, Syriac, Coptic, Hebrew, Aramaic, and Georgian old manuscripts were also housed in Qubbat al-Khazna in the past. N/a
c. 780 CE Dome of the Clock (Qubat ul-Awqat) was built in the eastern section of the mosque by al-Fadl ibn Salih ibn Ali, who was the Abbasid governer of Damascus at the time. N/a
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