Coin of Abdullah ibn Zubayr

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A coin minted during the reign of Abdullah-ibn Zubayr, cira 60-73 Hj. /680-692 CE. AR Drachm (4.04 gm; 32 mm). Minted in year 56 in the region of Darábghird, today the Fars Province of Iran. The Pahlavi inscription in front of the face of Emperor Khusrau II reads “apdwla-i zubiran amīr-i -wurrishnikān” (ʻAbdullah bin Zubayr, Commander of the Believers). The Arabic inscription in the obverse margin reads “bismillāh” (in the name of Allah).

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circa 685 CE

Coins were minted in the name of 'Abdullah ibn Zubayr as far as the districts of Kerman and Fars in modern-day Iran; both were dependencies of Basra. Although his authority outside of the Hejaz was largely nominal, but this shows the extent of Ibn al-Zubayr's sovereignty. He was the second individual to issue coins declaring himself “Commander of the Believers”

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