Abraham: One Man, One God (Documentary)

Abraham: One Man, One God is an episode of Mysteries Of The Bible that carefully studies and analyzes the story of Abraham.It is based from the book of Genesis from Chapter 11 to 25. Richard Kiley provides the narrative while Jean Simmons quotes the scriptures. Interviews from experts such as Rabbi David Wolpe, Walter Zanger, Dr. Nahum Sarna, Dr. Marc Z. Brettler, William G. Dever, and Dr. Wadad Kadi were included.


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The episode starts with Abraham's destruction of the idols worshiped by his family.With this event, he realizes that worship of idols isn't the way to go but monotheism or the worship of one God.Then the experts explores his journey of faith when God promises him to become the father of many descendants,the covenant between him and God and the aborted sacrifice of Isaac that Abraham made to God.
History Channel
Series: Mysteries of the Bible
Season: 1 · Episode: 13
Runtime: 50 min
Aired: 7 November 1996


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