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Help: How to search database | Video
  • Tip 1: Searching the Madain Project
    You do not have to type the entire keyword, as soon as you start typing the dynamic search starts looking in to its database and keeps narrowing down with each letter typed. Do not hit enter, simply click on the result from the list and search will give you a preview snippet with article title, overview and related topics.
  • Tip 2: Using Breadcrumbs
    Each article has breadcrumb trail that helps you determine your location for any given webpage. In most cases, on the Madain Project website, these are located right below the 'contents menu'. These breadcrumbs are preceded by button called 'Location', when you click on this button, it will show you the 'Subject' of the page you're on.
  • Tip 3: History of an Article
    The articles on the Madain Project keep on evolving with depth of content, visual aids such as photgraphs and videos. All the content related changes are archived on the Archive.org, in order to maintain transparency and track the changes made by the editors. You can click on the clock icon in the tools section on any page to see the history of the article.
  • Tip 4: Citing an Article
    The icon in the tools section on any page shows the available formats (APA, MLA & Chicago) for the citing the article. This tool provides the ability to copy the citations by clicking them. The citations snippet provides inline and detailed citations as well.

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