1953 Hajj Season

This page features a few memorable pictures from 1953 Hajj season

Date Landscape Notes Reference
1953 CE Pilgrims arriving probably at Jaddah sea ports N/A
1953 CE Back in 1953 limited flights were also available but were hugely expensive N/A
1953 CE Stop sign at the outskirts of Mecca, prohibiting non-Muslim entry N/A
1953 CE Major means of transportation during the time were these buses, pilgrims coming either by sea or air reached Mecca by these. N/A
1953 CE Skyline of Mecca as seen in 1953, the outer boundry wall of Masjid al-Haram can be seen in lower left corner as well. Most of these buildings were commercial hospitality, almost all of these have been demolished since due to the Mosque's expansions. N/A
1953 CE In 1953 the grounds around Kaabah were still sands, the Zam Zam is the white structure immediately behind the Qiblah topped with green shutters. The Ottoman era minarets can be seen to the extreme right and also in the left corner of the Mosque. N/A
1953 CE In far background, white building with slanted green roofs and a small dome is Zam Zam Well N/A
1953 CE Pilgrims during Tawaf N/A
1953 CE Animal Market for pilgrims to buy sacrificial animals N/A
1953 CE During the Hajj season the Masjid al-Haram was already running out of space for pilgrims N/A
1953 CE Pilgrims offering salah N/A
1953 CE The meagre site of Jamara-t N/A
1953 CE Humble bazar stalls near Masjid al-Haram for the convenience of hajjis (pilgrims) N/A
1953 CE Street scene of Mecca during the 1953 Hajj season, an Ottoman era minaret of Masjid al-Haram can be seen, it has since been demolished to accommodate the ever expanding

The decision to demolish the tower was a hard one due to it's historicity.
1953 CE Bab-i Safa, as seen from an adjacent building N/A
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