Dhai Seedhi Ki Masjid

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The Dhai Seedhi Ki Masjid (Urdu/Hindi: ڈھائی سیڑھی کی مسجد, literally meaning "the mosque of the two and a half step") is a small mosque atop the remains of a guard-tower (bastion) of the Fatehgarh Fort, Bhopal. Originally constructed in 1726 CE when the Fatehgarh Fort was built by Sardar Dost Muhammad Khan, who's tomb lies nearby.


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The plain monument is named after the two and a half steps that once led from the adjoining ramparts to the raised paltform of the small mosque. Purportedly, it is the first mosque in the state of Bhopal.

It was probably built to meet the needs of the guards deployed on the ramparts of the Fatehgarh Fort. Although now totally disconnected from the remains of the Fatehgarh Fort, which was the first fortress built in the state of Bhopal.

circa 1726 CE

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