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Send us an email on how you'd like to contribute, madainproject[@]

Have you traveled?

Well that's just great. It's always great to hear from someone who has been to places we all love and admire. You can share your experience with us in short-episode travelogues.

I would like to donate/contribute some money.

We appreciate your enthusiasm immensely, but we do not accept any monetary/financial contributions at this time.

Do you like writing, editing?

Like taking photographs?

Send in your work and we will have it featured in our articles, with due credits of course. :)

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Facebook - everyone loves to see what you like and when you share something you are enthusiast about, why not let them see your love for history? Han?



YouTube - We've a great collection of videos for your viewing pleasure, from 3D computer generated reconstructions of historical places you love to

Become a contributor! :)

Like to write, edit or taking pictures?

Or we will appreciate a simple like as well.