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Sr Title Description Reference
1926 Demolitions Demolitions of Jannat ul-Mualla and Baqi ul-Gharqad Tombs N/A
1st Milliennium BCE Timeline of 1st Millennium BCE, Events of N/A
1st Milliennium CE Timeline of 1st Millennium CE, Events of N/A
2nd Milliennium BCE Timeline of 2nd Millennium BCE, Events of N/A
2nd Milliennium CE Timeline of 2nd Millennium CE, Events of N/A
3rd Milliennium BCE Timeline of 1st Millennium BCE, Events of N/A
Aad People of Hud As N/A
Aaron (ﻫـاﺮون) Elder brother of Moses N/A
Aazer (آزر) Father of Abraham (Ibrahim As) N/A
Abbas N/A
Abbas Gate Bab-i 'Abbas, Masjid al-Haram N/A
Abbasi Masjid Jameh Abbasi, Derawar Fort, Bhawalpur N/A
abd ul-Malik ibn Marwan Fifth caliph of Umayyad dynasty N/A
Abdul 'Aziz Gate Bab-i Malik 'Abdul 'Aziz, Masjid al-Haram N/A
Abdullah ibn Jabbir N/A
Abel (ﻫـابـﻴل) Son of Adam As N/A
Abigail Wife of David according to Biblical tradition N/A
Ablution Gate Bab al-Mutaharah, Haram al-Sharif N/A
About Madain Project About Madain Project N/A
Abraha (ابـرﻫﻪ) King of Himyar who invaded Hejaz in 570 CE N/A
Abraham (ابـراﻫﻳﻡ) Hazrat Ibrahim As N/A
Abraham: One Man One God Documentary N/A
Abrahamic Religions N/A
Absalom N/A
Abu al-Haul (ابـو اﻠﻬﻭﻞ) Great Sphinx of Giza N/A
abu al-Fateh Jalal ud Din Muhammad Akbar N/A
abu al-Muzaffar Muhi ud-Din Muhammad Aurangzeb Alamgir N/A
Abu al-Qasim (ابـواﻠﻘـاﺴﻢ) Abu al-Qasim Khalaf bin 'Abbas el-Zahrawi N/A
Abu Bakr al-Siddique N/A
Abu Bakr al-Siddique Mosque Medina N/A
Abu Bakr al-Siddique Mosque Masjid e abi Bakr Siddique at the site of Ahzaab N/A
Abu Bakr al-Siddique Mosque Jerusalem, Palestine N/A
Abu Darda Abu Darda companion of Prophet Muhammad N/A
Abu Darda Mosque Mosque of abi Darda in Damascus citadel N/A
Abu Simbel N/A
Abyssinia N/A
Acra N/A
Acrocorinth N/A
Acrocorinth Mosque Τζαμιού του Ακροκόρινθου N/A
Adam (آدم) Hazrat Adam As N/A
Aden Port N/A
Adulis Ancient Aksumite Kindom N/A
Africa N/A
Ahi'el Ostracon Pottery shard replica from Ahiel's House N/A
Ahijah Hashiloni A Levite prophet of Shiloh in the days of Solomon N/A
Ahiyah The Hebrew name for the Most High N/A
ahl ul-Bayt Graves Enclave (مقبرة اهل البيت) Few graves of ahl ul-Bayt at al-Baqi N/A
Ahmad ibn Muhammad ibn Mukhtar Tidjani's Tomb N/A
Aiesha bint abu-Bakr Daughter of first caliph and wife of prophet Muhammad N/A
Akhmim N/A
Akko Palestine N/A
Akko Muslim Cemetery Old Muslim Cemetery in Acre, Palestine N/A
al-Aqsa Mosque (ﻤﺴﺠﺩِاﻻقـﺼﻰ) Masjid il Aqsa, Jerusalem N/A
al-Aqsa Mosque Minarets Minarets of al-Aqsa Mosque N/A
al-Asbat Minaret N/A
al-Azhar N/A
al-Azhar University Jāmiat al-Azhar, Cairo, Egypt N/A
al-Azhar Mosque N/A
al-Battani Arab astronomer, astrologer, and mathematician N/A
al-Buraq Mosque Haram al-Sharif (Temple Mount) N/A
al-Deir Monastery N/A
al-Dissi Mosque Jerusalem, Palestine N/A
al-Fakhariyya Minaret One of the Haram al-Sharif minarets N/A
al-Fasah Mosque Mosque at Uhad N/A
al-Fatiha First Chapter of Fatiha N/A
al-Fatah Mosque One of the mosques at al-Ahzab site N/A
al-Ghars Well Prophet was bathed from this well's water after death N/A
al-Ghawanima Minaret N/A
al-Hambra (ﻘﺼراﻠﺤﻤراء) The Al Hamr'a Palace, Hispania N/A
al-Hamra (اﻠﺤﻤراء) Qasr al Hamra palace of Nabonidus N/A
al-Haram Al-Ibrahimi (اﻠﺤﺮﻢ ابـراﻫﻴﻤﻲ) The cave of Patriarchs, Hebron N/A
al-Idrisi 12th c. muslim cartographer Muhammad al-Idrisi N/A
al-Idrisi Maps Maps of 12th c. cartographer Muhammad al-Idrisi N/A
al-Isabat Wife of Adam N/A
al-Kas al-Kas ablution fountain, Haram al-Sharif (Temple Mount) N/A
al-Khazneh The Treasury, Petra N/A
al-Khanqah al-Salahiyya Mosque N/A
al-Madhana al-Hamra Red Mosque Minaret N/A
al-Madina Museum Mutahaf al-Madinah N/A
al-Marwah Mount Marwah N/A
al-Marwani Mosque The Marwani Prayer Hall, Jerusalem N/A
al-Masjid il-Haram N/A
al-Maulawiya Mosque N/A
al-Omari Grand Mosque 12th century church converted into a mosque, Beirut N/A
al-Omari Mosque Early eighth century mosque in Bosra N/A
al-Qala'a Mosque Ottoman era mosque inside Jerusalem Citadel N/A
al-Qamus Fort N/A
al-Radhm Palace Al Mubbayat, Tayma N/A
al-Safa Mount Safa N/A
al-Shumaisi Mosque Masjid al-Shumaisi at the old town of Hudaybiyyah N/A
al-Suyuti N/A
al-Tasrif Kitab al-Tasrif (Method of Medicine) N/A
al-Uzair Mosque Mosque near the tomb of Lazarus of Bethany N/A
al-Wu'ayra Castle Crusader fortified settlement located near Petra, Jordan N/A
Akbari Gate Bab Akbari, Lahore Fort N/A
Alamgiri Gate Bab Alamgiri, Lahore Fort N/A
Albucasis Abu al-Qasim Khalaf bin 'Abbas el-Zahrawi N/A
Alexander the Great (اﺴﻜﻨدﺭِ اﻋﻈﻢ) N/A
Ali ibn abi Talib Mosque Masjid-i Ali at the site of Battle of the Trench N/A
Allah (اﻠﻠّﻪ) The proper Arabic name (noun) N/A
Aqsa Mosque (ﻤﺴﺠﺩِاﻻقـﺼﻰ) Masjid al-Aqsa N/A
Amman N/A
Amos Amos was an older contemporary of Hosea and Isaiah N/A
Amoz Amoz was the father of the prophet Isaiah N/A
Amr ibn Aas N/A
Amu l-Fil (ﻋـام اﻠﻔﻴﻞ) Abraha attacks, Mecca (Amu l-Fil) N/A
Antique Arabic Manuscripts N/A
Antique Manuscripts Hall Masjid al-Nabawi Library, Medina N/A
Antonia Fortress N/A
Arabic N/A
Arabic Papyri N/A
Arabic Papyrus #114A c. 798 CE adminstrative document concerning tax N/A
Arabic Papyrus #201A c. 800 CE document of labour agreement N/A
Arabic Words in English N/A
Arees Well The well where the ring of prophet Muhammad was lost N/A
Ark of Noah Kasht-i Nuh As N/A
Arch of Robinson Robinson's Arch at Temple Mount N/A
Archduke Reiner Papyrus Collection Rainer's Papyri collection at Austrian National Library N/A
Armah Najashi Habshah N/A
Armenian Chapel Armenian Chapel at the Holy Sepulchre N/A
Armenian Monastery Jerusalem N/A
as-Sa'adia Street Jerusalem N/A
as-Sahaba Mosque Oldest mosque in Massawa, Eritrea N/A
as-Salam Gate Bab as-Salam, Masjid al-Nabawi N/A
as-Sirat Marker Spot where the bridge of Sirat will be hung N/A
Asia N/A
Asaph Three men from the Old Testament or Hebrew Bible N/A
Ashab-i Kahf (اﺼﺣـابِ ﻜﻬف) The Seven Sleepers (Men) of the Cave N/A
Ashab-i Kahf's Cave (اﺼﺣـابِ ﻜﻬف) The Cave of Seven Sleepers (Men) N/A
Ashama ibn Abjar Najashi Habshah N/A
Ashtiname of Prophet Muhammad Patent to St. Catherine Monastery N/A
Atban ibn Malik Mosque Masjid-i Utbaan ibn Maalik in Medina N/A
Augusta Victoria Hospital N/A
Augusta Victoria Hospital Church N/A
Avicenna (ابـنِ ﺴﻴﻨـا) Abu Ali al-Husain ibn Abdullah ibn Sina N/A
Axum Ancient Aksum N/A
Ayub (اﻴوب) Biblical Job N/A
Azariah The companion of Daniel, Hananiah, and Mishael N/A
Azerbaijan N/A
Bab 'Abbas Bab-i 'Abbas, Masjid al-Haram N/A
Bab Founder of Bahai Movement N/A
Bab al-Baqi Baqi Gate, Masjid al-Nabawi N/A
Bab al-Mutaharah Ablution Gate, Temple Mount N/A
Bab al-Majeedi N/A
Bab al-Nazir Seer's Gate, Temple Mount N/A
Bab al-Rahmah Cemetery N/A
Bab al-Saghir Cemetery Goristan-i Ghariban, Damascus N/A
Bab al-Salam Tranquility Gate, Temple Mount N/A
Bab al-Salam Minaret Masjid al-Nabawi N/A
Bab as-S
Bab as-Salam Masjid al-Nabawi N/A
Bab Ambariya N/A
Bab Bilal Masjid al-Nabawi N/A
Bab abu Bakr al-Siddique Masjid al-Nabawi N/A
Bab Jibraeel Jibraeel Gate of Masjid al-Nabawi N/A
Bab Silsila Temple Mount N/A
Bab Silsila Minaret N/A
Bab ul-Ghawanima Bab al-Ghawanima, Haram al-Sharif (Temple Mount) N/A
Bab ul-Nisa Masjid al-Nabawi N/A
Bab ul-Rehma Masjid al-Nabawi N/A
Bab ul-Taubah Masjid al-Nabawi N/A
Babri Masjid Ayodhya, India N/A
Badjanani Mosque Moroni, Comoros N/A
Badshahi Mosque Lahore Fort Complex N/A
Baha u'llah N/A
Bahira Bahira the monk N/A
Bahira's Monastery Basilica in Bosra N/A
Bahrain N/A
Balaam A diviner in the Torah N/A
Banias Roman Bridge A Roman era bridge still in use near Banias, Palestine N/A
Baqi Gate Bab al-Baqi, Masjid al-Nabawi N/A
Baqi ul-Gharqad Jannat ul-Baqi cemetery in Medina N/A
Bar'an Temple N/A
Barclay's Gate Barclay's Gate, Temple Mount N/A
Baruch ben Neriah A devoted friend of the Biblical prophet Jeremiah N/A
Battle of Badr (ﻏﺯﻭة بـﺪﺭ) Battle of Badr N/A
Battle of Hattin N/A
Battle of Khaybar N/A
Battle of the Trench N/A
Battlefield of Badr (بـﺪﺭ) Battlefield of Badr N/A
Bayat-i Uqba Mosque (ﻤﺴﺠﺩِ بـﻴتِ ﻋـقـبـﻪ) Mosque at the place of Bayat-i Uqba N/A
Beirut N/A
Benjamin Younger brother of Joseph and son of Jacob N/A
Beor Father of Balaam and is considered a prophet by Judaism N/A
Bethany N/A
Bethlehem (بـﻴت اﻠﺤم) The birthplace of Isa As N/A
Bhawalpur N/A
Bible The holy book of Christians N/A
Bilal Gate Bab-i Bilal, Masjid al-Nabawi N/A
Bilal ibn Rabaha N/A
Bildad The Shuhite, was one of Job's three friends N/A
Bilqis (بـﻠقـﻴﺲ) Malaka-t Saba N/A
Bir Haddaj (بـئر ﺣﺪاج) The Well of Haddaj N/A
Bir Rumah (بـئـر روﻤـاء) The Well of Hazrat Usman Ghani N/A
Bir Saba' (بـئـر ﺴبـاء) The Well of Oath N/A
Bir Sisra (بـئـر ﺴـﺴﺮاء) The Well of Sisra N/A
Bir Tuwa (بـئـر ﻄﻮى) The Well of Tuwa N/A
Bir 'Urwah The Well of 'Urwah N/A
Bir 'Usman The Well of Hazrat 'Usman Ghani N/A
Birkat e Sultan Pool of Sultan, Jerusalem N/A
Bithiah Egyptian princess, and daughter of Pharaoh N/A
Black Stone Hajr-i Aswad, Masjid al-Haram N/A
Blue Chapel Blue Chapel, Petra N/A
Blue Mosque Sultan Ahmad Mosque, Istanbul, Turkey N/A
Boat of Jesus Boat found at the Galilee sea shore N/A
Books of Hadith N/A
Bosra N/A
Brigham Young University Jerusalem Center N/A
Brazen Serpent Bronze serpent on a pole which God told Moses to erect N/A
Buddha N/A
Burnt House Jerusalem N/A
Byzantine Monastery Byzantine Monastery on Mount Aaron N/A
Byzantine Mosaics Saint Peter Gallicantu N/A
Cain (قـابـﻴل) The Son of Hazrat Adam As N/A
Cairo N/A
Cairo Citadel N/A
Cairo Museum N/A
Canaan (ﻜﻨﻌـاﻦ) The land of Yaqoob As and Yousaf As N/A
Capernaum N/A
Capernaum Synagogue Synagogue in Capernaum where Isa As healed lepers N/A
Capernaum Synagogue of Jesus The remains of the 1st century CE synagogue N/A
Carthage Part of Engineering an Empire N/A
Cave of Abraham Birthplace of Ibrahim (Abraham) in Urfa N/A
Cave of Ashab-i Kahf N/A
Cave of Ashab-i Kahf Cave of Ashab-i Kahaf, Amman, Jordan N/A
Cave of Ashab-i Kahf Cave of Ashab-i Kahaf, Toyuq Valley, China N/A
Cave of Ashab-i Kahf Cave of Ashab-i Kahaf, Epesus, Turkey N/A
Cave of King Jehoshaphat N/A
Cave of Nicanor N/A
Cave of the Patriarchs al Haram al-Ibrahimi N/A
Cave of John the Baptist Cave of Yahya As, Jordan N/A
Cenacle N/A
Chain Gate Bab al-Silsilah, Haram al-Sharif N/A
Chain Gate Minaret Bab al-Silsilah Minaret, Haram al-Sharif N/A
Chapel of Ascension N/A
Chapel of Saint John's Head Jerusalem N/A
Chapel of Mary Magdalene Chapel of Mary of Magdala inside Holy Sepulchre N/A
Chapel of the Franks The 10th station of Via Dolorosa N/A
Chapel of the Holy Face Palce where Veronica wipes Jesus' face N/A
Chapels in Jerusalem N/A
Chapters of Quran List of all 30 chapters of Quran N/A
Christian Quarter Jerusalem N/A
Christianity Second Abrahamic Faith N/A
Church of All Nations Basilica of Agony, Jerusalem N/A
Church of Bethphage Basilica of Agony, Jerusalem N/A
Church of Mary Magdalene Jerusalem N/A
Church of Our Lady of the Spasm Jerusalem N/A
Church of Pater Noster N/A
Church of Saint Agnes Today al-Maulawiya Mosque N/A
Church of Saint Anne Jerusalem N/A
Church of Saint Helen Jerusalem N/A
Church of Saint Lazarus Church of Saint Lazarus in Bethany N/A
Church of Simon the Cyrenian Jerusalem N/A
Church of the Condemnation and Imposition of the Cross N/A
Church of the Archangel Gabriel Nazareth N/A
Church of the Nativity Birthplace of Isa As according to Christian tradition N/A
Church of the Holy Sepulchre Birthplace of Isa As (Jesus) N/A
Churches in Jerusalem N/A
City of David N/A
City of Petra Petra, the city proper N/A
Cizre N/A
Codex Parisino-petropolitanus N/A
Coin of Abd al-Malik ibn Marwan Late 7th century coin N/A
Coin of Abdullah ibn Zubayr Circa. 680-692 CE N/A
Colonnade Street Colonnade Street at Petra N/A
Columns of Masjid al-Nabawi N/A
Coponius' Gate First Temple era Temple Mount gate N/A
Corinthian N/A
Corinthian Columns Corinthian columns and capitals near al-Aqsa, Jerusalem N/A
Council Gate Bab al-Majlis Bab al-Nazer, Haram al-Sharif (Temple Mount) N/A
Cradle of Jesus N/A
Crusader Single Gate Crusader era single gate at Temple Mount N/A
Crusaders N/A
Crusades The Christian Holy Wars N/A
Cyprus N/A
Cyrus the Great N/A
Damascus N/A
Damascus Citadel N/A
Damascus Gate Old Jerusalem city gate N/A
Danial (داﻨﻳـال) N/A
Dar al-Madinah Museum Medina Museum N/A
Dark Gate Bab al-Attim, Haram al-Sharif N/A
David (ﺩاؤد) Hazrat Dawud As N/A
Dawud (ﺩاؤد) King David of United Kingdom of Israel N/A
Dead Sea N/A
Dead Sea Scrolls N/A
Deborah N/A
Deir al-Qamar Lebanon N/A
Demolitions of 1926 Demolition of tombs in al-Baqi and Jannat ul-Mualla N/A
Derawar Fort Qila e Derawar, Bhawalpur, Pakistan N/A
Departure of Israelites David Roberts, 1829 N/A
Dewaar e Jehangiri Wall of Jahangir Lahore Fort N/A
Dhul-Kifl (زواﻠﻜفل) N/A
Dhul Qarnayn N/A
Digging for the Truth 2005- Documentary N/A
Diwan e Aam Commonors' Hall at Lahore Fort N/A
Dome of al-Aqsa Dome of masjid al-Aqsa, Haram al-Sharif N/A
Dome of al-Khalili Hebronite, Temple Mount (Haram al-Sharif) N/A
Dome of al-Nahawaiya al-Nahawiya Dome, Temple Mount (Haram al-Sharif) N/A
Dome of Ascension Dome of Ascension, Temple Mount (Haram al-Sharif) N/A
Dome of Khidr Dome of Khidr, Temple Mount (Haram al-Sharif) N/A
Dome of Malik Ashraf Musa Dome of Emir Musa, Temple Mount (Haram al-Sharif) N/A
Dome of Rock (قـبة اﻠﺼﺧﺭة) Dome of Rock, Temple Mount, Jerusalem N/A
Dome of Rock Platform (قـبة اﻠﺼﺧﺭة) Dome of Rock Platform, Temple Mount, Jerusalem N/A
Dome of Solomon Dome of Solomon, Temple Mount (Haram al-Sharif) N/A
Dome of Spirits Dome of Spirits, Temple Mount (Haram al-Sharif) N/A
Dome of the Chain Dome of the Chain, Temple Mount (Haram al-Sharif) N/A
Dome of the Clock Qubat ul-Awqat, Umayyad Mosque N/A
Dome of the Eagle Qubat ul-Nisr, Umayyad Mosque N/A
Dome of the Prophet Dome of the Prophet, Temple Mount N/A
Dome of the Treasury Qubat ul-Khazna, Umayyad Mosque, Damascus N/A
Dome of Yusuf Dome of Yusuf Saladin, Temple Mount N/A
Dome of Yusuf Agha Dome of Yusuf Agha, Temple Mount N/A
Domes of Temple Mount N/A
Domes of Umayyad Mosque N/A
Dominus Flavit Church N/A
Dordrecht N/A
Dordrecht Ark Replica of Noah's Ark in Dordrecht N/A
Drawings and Pharmacy in al-Zahrawi's 10th century Surgical Treaties N/A
Dumat Al-Jundal (دوﻤة اﻠﺠﻨﺩﻞ) Masjid il Aqsa, Jerusalem N/A
Dung Gate Jerusalem, Palestine N/A
Dungur Palace of Queen Sheba N/A
Eastern Wall Eastern wall of Temple Mount (Haram al-Sharif) N/A
Eber N/A
Ecce Homo Arch N/A
Egeria N/A
Egypt (ﻤﺻﺭ) Egypt N/A
Egypt (ﻤﺻﺭ اﻠﻘﺩﻴﻤﻲ) Ancient Egypt N/A
Egyptian Pyramids N/A
Eli N/A
Elias (اﻠﻴـاﺱ) Hazrat Ilias As N/A
Eliezer N/A
Elihu N/A
Elijah (اﻠﻴـاﺱ) Hazrat Ilias As N/A
Eliphaz N/A
Elisha (اﻠﻴﺴـاع) Alyasa As N/A
Elisheba Wife of Harun As (Aaron) N/A
Elisheva Wife of Harun As (Aaron) N/A
Elkanah N/A
Engineering an Empire Documentary N/A
English Words of Arabic Origins N/A
Enoch N/A
Esther N/A
Europe N/A
Eve (ﺣوّا) Wife of Adam As, Hawa As N/A
Events mentioned in Quran A list of events mentioned in Quran N/A
Evolution of Quran N/A
Exhibition of the Two Holy Mosques' Architecture Makkah Museum, Mecca N/A
Exodus Israelite flight from Egypt N/A
Expansions Chronology of Masjid al-Nabawi N/A
Ezekiel N/A
Ezra (ﻋُﺰﻴﺭ) Prophet N/A
Fahad Gate (بابِ الملك الفهد) King Fahad Gate of Masjid al-Haram N/A
Fakhredine Mosque N/A
Fatah Gate (بابِ فتح) Fatah Gate (Bab Fatah) of Masjid al-Haram N/A
Fatima bint Muhammad N/A
Fatima Khatun Mosque Jenin, Palestine N/A
Fatima Mosque At the site of Battle of the Trench N/A
First Migration to Abyssinia (هجرةِ حبشه اُولى) First Hijra towards Habshah N/A
First Printed Quran Paganino & Alessandro Paganini N/A
First Temple Temple of Solomon N/A
Firo'un (ﻔﺮﻋون) Firo'un (Pharaoh) N/A
Foundation stone (الصخرأ) The rock inside the Dome of rock N/A
Foundation stones of Masjid al-Nabawi Foundation stones of Masjid al-Nabavi's Expansion N/A
Fountain of Ibrahim Rumi (سبيلِ ابراهيم رومى) Sabil-i Ibrahim, Haram al-Sharif (Temple Mount) N/A
Fountain of Mustafa Agha (سبيلِ مصطفي آغا) Sabil-i Mustafa Agha, Haram al-Sharif N/A
Fountain of Qasim Pasha (سبيلِ قاسم باشا) Sabil-i Qasim Pasha, Haram al-Sharif N/A
Fountain of Qayt Bay (سبيلِ قيطبي) Sabil-i Qayt Bay, Haram al-Sharif N/A
Fountain of Sultan Suleyman (سبيلِ سلطان سُليمان) Sabil-i Sultan Suleyman, Haram al-Sharif N/A
Fountains in Jerusalem N/A
Fountains of Temple Mount Sabil-i Haram al-Sharif N/A
Funerary Enclosure Maqam ul-Janaiz, Masjid Nabavi N/A
Gabriel N/A
Gad N/A
Galilee N/A
Garden of Gethsemane N/A
Garden Tomb N/A
Gate of Bani Ghanim Bab al-Ghawanima, Haram al-Sharif (Temple Mount) N/A
Gate of Cotton Merchants (بابِ القطانين) Bab al-Qattanin, Haram al-Sharif N/A
Gate of Darkness Bab al-Attim, Haram al-Sharif N/A
Gate of Remission (باب الحطه) Bab al-Huttah, Haram al-Sharif N/A
Gate of the Funerals (باب الجنائز) Bab al-Janayez, Haram al-Sharif N/A
Gate of the Tribes Bab al-Asbat, Haram al-Sharif N/A
Gates of Masjid al-Haram (ابوابِ مسجد الحرام) N/A
Gates of Masjid al-Nabawi N/A
Gates of Old Jerusalem City N/A
Gates of Temple Mount N/A
Genesis The Book of Genesis in Bible N/A
Ghamama Mosque N/A
Gideon N/A
Giza Giza, Egypt N/A
Giza Plateau Giza Plateau, Giza, Egypt N/A
Gog and Magog (ﻴـاﺠوﺝ و ﻤـاﺠوﺝ) Yajuj and Majuj N/A
Golan Heights N/A
Golden Calf of Israel Jeroboam's golden calves at Bethel and Dan N/A
Golden Gate Bab al-Zahabi, Haram al-Sharif N/A
Golden Grills Iconic golden grills of prophet Muhammad's Tomb N/A
Golgotha Site of Jesus' crucifixion according to gospels N/A
Goliath (ﺠـاﻠوت) Jalut N/A
Goshen Dwelling of Yusuf As in Egypt N/A
Gospel of Luke N/A
Grave of Abbas ibn Abdul Muttalib Grave of Prophet Muhammad's paternal uncle N/A
Grave of Abdullah ibn Umar Mecca N/A
Grave of Fatima bint Muhammad Grave of Prophet Muhammad's daughter Fatima (Hz.) N/A
Grave of Halima Sadia Grave of Prophet Muhammad's foster mother N/A
Grave of Hassan ibn Ali N/A
Grave of Ibn Qayyim al-Jawziyyia N/A
Grave of Ibrahim ibn Muhammad Grave of Prophet Muhammad's Son N/A
Grave of Shadad ibn-'Aws Prophet's Companion N/A
Grave of Ubadah ibn-Samet Prophet's Companion N/A
Grave of Uthman ibn Affan Grave of Usman-i Ghani, al-Baqi, Medina N/A
Grave of Zain ul-Abideen Grave of Usman-i Ghani, al-Baqi, Medina N/A
Graves of Prophet Muhammad's Wives Azwaj-i Mutaharat-i Nabawi N/A
Great Flood Biblical deluge of Noah N/A
Great Mosque of Kufa Masjid-i 'Azam, Kufah N/A
Great Mosque of San'a N/A
Great Sphinx of Giza N/A
Great Temple of Petra N/A
Great Ziggurat The great ziggurat in Ur of Chaldees N/A
Greece N/A
Greek Orthodox Chapel of Saint Charalampos N/A
Greek Orthodox Chapel Greek Orthodox Chapel inside Holy Sepulchre N/A
Green Dome Dome of Prophet Muhammad's Tomb N/A
Habakkuk N/A
Habeel (ﻫـابـﻴل) Son of Hazrat Adam As N/A
Hadarmawt (ﺤﻀﺮﻤﻭت) Wadi-i Hadarmawt N/A
Hadith N/A
Hagar Hajirah (Biblical Hagar) N/A
Haggai N/A
Hagia Sophia N/A
Hajj N/A
Hajj Season 1953 A few memorable pictures from 1953 Hajj season N/A
Halil ul-Rahman Mosque Khalil ur-Rahman Mosque, Urfa, Turkey N/A
Hallaj Mosque Akkaraipattu, Sri Lanka N/A
Hanani N/A
Hannah N/A
Haram al-Ibrahimi Cave of Patriarchs N/A
Haram al-Sharif (ﺤﺮﻡ اﻠﺸﺮﻳﻑ) Haram al-Sarif, al-Aqsa compound N/A
Haran (ﺣﺮان) Haran N/A
Harun (ﻫـاﺭون) Elder brother of Hazrat Musa As N/A
Hassan ibn Ali N/A
Hateem N/A
Hathi Paer Elephant's path Lahore Fort N/A
Hawwa (ﺣوّا) Wife of Adam As N/A
Hebrew Bible N/A
Hebron N/A
Hejaz N/A
Hekhal-i Suleimani (ﻫﻴﮐﻞِ ﺴﻠﻴﻤـاﻨﻰ) Temple of Suleiman As N/A
Heracleopolis N/A
Herod Herod the great, king of Judea N/A
Herod's Temple Second Temple N/A
Herodian Street Second Temple era street along the Western Wall N/A
Herodium N/A
Heshbon N/A
Hezekiah N/A
Hijra N/A
Hijra Habshah (Awwal) First Muslim migration to Ethiopia N/A
Hijra Habshah (Sani) Second Muslim migration to Ethiopia N/A
Hijra Route Probable route of the flight N/A
Hira Cave N/A
Historical Quranic Manuscripts N/A
History of Quran N/A
Holon N/A
Homs Syria N/A
Holyland Model of Jerusalem N/A
Hosea N/A
House of Abu Ayub Ansari N/A
House of Abraham (بـﻴﺕِ ابـﺮاﻫﻴﻡ) The Family of Ibrahim As N/A
House of Ahi'el N/A
House of Caiaphas Residence of Joseph Caiaphas in Gallicantu N/A
House of Dawud (بـﻴﺕِ ﺩاؤﺩ) The Family of Dawud As N/A
House of Isaac (بـﻴﺕِ اﺴﺣـاق) The Family of Ishaq As N/A
House of Jacob (بـﻴﺕِ ﻴﻌﻘﻭب) The Family of Yaqub As N/A
House of Muhammad (pbuh) The Family of Prophet Muhammad pbuh N/A
House of Saint Peter House of St. Peter in Capernaum N/A
Hud (ﻫﻮد) Hazrat Hood As N/A
Hudaybiyyah Hudaybiyyah Oasis N/A
Hudaybiyyah Mosque Ottoman era Mosque at the purported site of Hudaybiyyah N/A
Huldah Hebrew Prophetess N/A
Huldah Gates Southern gates of Temple Mount N/A
Hussain (ﻫﻮد) Imam Hussain Ra N/A
Ibn-i Shattir N/A
Ibn-i Shattir Sundial Sundial of ibn Shattir at Umayyad Mosque N/A
Ibn-i Sina (ابـنِ ﺴﻴﻨـا) Abu Ali al-Husain ibn Abdullah ibn Sina N/A
Ibn-i Wahshiyya First Egyptologist N/A
Ibrahim (ابـراﻫﻳﻡ) Prophet Abraham N/A
Ibrahimi Community College Jerusalem N/A
Iddo N/A
Idris (اﺩﺭﻳﺲ) Prophet Idris As N/A
Ijabah Mosque Masjid Ejabah in Medina N/A
Imam al-Bukhari Mosque (ﻋﻤﺮان) Masjid Imam al-Bukhari Mosque in Medina N/A
Imran (ﻋﻤﺮان) Father of Hazrat Maryam As N/A
Incense Route Antiquity's Incense trade route N/A
Injeel (اِﻨﺠﻴﻞ) Bible N/A
Inside Prophet Muhammad's Tomb Tomb Chamber of Prophet Muhammad N/A
Interments of Bab al-Rahmah Cemetery People buried at Bab al-Rahmah cemetery N/A
Interments of Jannat ul-Baqi People buried at Jannat ul-Baqi N/A
Iram of the Pillars Iram-a Zat il-Imad N/A
Iran N/A
Iraq N/A
Iron Gate Bab al-Hadid, Haram al-Sharif N/A
Iron Gates of Alexander N/A
Isa (ﻋﻳﺴﻰ) Hazrat Isa As N/A
Isaac N/A
Isaiah N/A
Isfahan N/A
Ishaaq (اﺴﺤـاق) Biblical Isaac N/A
Ishmael N/A
Islam N/A
Islamic Calendar N/A
Islamic Museum The Islamic Museum at Haram al-Sharif, Jerusalem N/A
Ismail (اﺴﻤـاﻋﻳل) Hazrat Ismail As N/A
Israel Disambiguation N/A
Israelites N/A
Istanbul Turkey N/A
Ih'ram-i Misr (اﻫﺭامِ ﻤﺻﺭ) Ah'ram-i Misr N/A
Iwan of Sultan Mahmud II N/A
Jabl-i Haroun Mountain of Aaron, Petra, Wadi Musa N/A
Jabl-i Noor (ﺠبـلِ ﻨﻭﺭ) The Mountain of Noor N/A
Jabl-i Musa (As) (ﺠبـلِ ﻤﻭﺴﻰ) The Mountain of Hazrat Musa (As) N/A
Jabl-i Nebo (ﺠبـلِ ﻨﻳبـو) N/A
Jabl-i Rehmat (ﺠبـلِ ﺮﺣﻤﺖ) The Mountain of Rehmat N/A
Jacob (ﻴﻌﻘوب) Hazrat Yaqoob As N/A
Jaffa Gate Jaffa Gate Jerusalem N/A
Jaffar ibn Sadiq N/A
Jahangir N/A
Jahangiri Charbagh Lahore Fort N/A
Jahaziel N/A
Jai Singh Observatory N/A
Jalut (ﺠـاﻠوت) An army leader killed by Dawud As N/A
Jameh al-Kabir Remains of a 14th century Ottoman mosque, Yibne, Palestine N/A
Jameh Masjid Isfahan Great mosque of Isfahan, Iran N/A
Jameh Masjid Anwaar-e Medina Jameh Masjid Anwaar-e Medina, Lahore, Pakistan N/A
Jannat ul-Baqi Baqi ul-Gharqad cemetery in Medina, Saudi Arabia N/A
Jannat ul-Baqi before demolitions Baqi ul-Gharqad before 1926 demolitions N/A
Jannat ul-Mualla Jannat ul-Mualla cemetery in Mecca N/A
Jannat ul-Mualla before demolitions Jannat ul-Mualla before 1926 demolitions N/A
Jawatha Mosque N/A
Jeddah N/A
Jeduthun N/A
Jehu N/A
Jeremiah N/A
Jericho N/A
Jerusalem (ﻴﺮوﺸﻠم) Yeroshelam N/A
Jerusalem Builder\' Memorial N/A
Jerusalem, Ancient (ﻴﺮوﺸﻠم) N/A
Jerusalem Citadel Mosque Ottoman era Mosque at Tower of David N/A
Jerusalem Archaeological Park N/A
Jerusalem Builders' Memorial N/A
Jesus (ﻋﻳﺴﻰ) Hazrat Isa As N/A
Jesus' Boat First century boat found at Galilee Sea N/A
Jesus' Jerusalem Part of Lost Worlds documentary N/A
Jethro N/A
Jibraeel Gate Bab Jibraeel, Masjid al-Nabawi N/A
Job (اﻴﻮب) Hazrat Ayub As N/A
Joel N/A
John of Patmos N/A
John the Baptist N/A
Jonah N/A
Jordan N/A
Joseph (ﻴوﺴﻑ) Hazrat Yousaf As N/A
Joseph Well Bir Yousuf N/A
Joseph's Brethren (بـﺮاﺩﺮانِ ﻳوﺴف) Brothers of Hazrat Yousaf As N/A
Josephus Flavius N/A
Joshua N/A
Journey to Promised Land Abraham's journey to the promised land of Canaan N/A
Jubb Yusuf (ﺠُبِ ﻴﻮﺴُﻒ) The pit where Yousaf As was cast by his brethren N/A
Judaism N/A
Judea N/A
Kaba (ﮐﻌبـﻪ) Haram al-Sharif N/A
Kaba Interior Inside of Bait ul-Allah N/A
Kaba Stairway Access stairs to Kaaba N/A
Kala Burj Lahore Fort N/A
Kenan N/A
Keys to the Church of Holy Sepulchre Keys of the Church, Jerusalem, Palestine N/A
Kfar Saba Palestine N/A
Khalid ibn al-Waleed Mosque Mosque around the tomb of Khalid, Homs, Syria N/A
Khalidi Library N/A
Khan al-Basha N/A
Khast Imam N/A
Khast Imam Library N/A
Khaybar Ancient Khaybar N/A
Khaybar Dams The ancient Khaybar Dams N/A
Khaybar Forts (قـﻠﻌﻪ ﺧﻳبـر) Ancient Khaybar Fort N/A
Khidr (ﺨﻀر) Hazrat Khidr As N/A
Khilwat Khana Lahore Fort N/A
Khilwat Khana Quadrangle Lahore Fort N/A
Kidron Valley N/A
King Daivd Tomb Complex Jerusalem N/A
King Fahad Gate King Fahad Gate of Masjid al-Nabawi N/A
King Faisal Street Street named after King Faisal in Old city of Jerusalem N/A
Kingdom of David: Saga of Israelites Documentary N/A
Kiswa Factory N/A
Kitab al-Tasrif Methods in Medicine, Abulcasis N/A
Koran (قـرآن) The holy book of Muslims N/A
Krak Des Chevaliers Crusader Castle in Syria N/A
Krishna N/A
Kuwait N/A
Lahore Fort N/A
Lahore Fort Mosque N/A
Lal Burj Red Tower, Lahore Fort N/A
Latin America N/A
Lazarus of Bethany The man Isa As (Jesus) brought back to life N/A
Leah First of the two wives of Jacob (Yaqub As) N/A
Lebanon N/A
Life, the Universe and Everything Part of Story of God N/A
Lion's Gate N/A
List of Sahaba Full list of known companions of (Hz.) Muhammad N/A
Little Western Wall N/A
Livias Mentioned in Bible, was a city in Transjordan in Antiquity N/A
London N/A
Lost Worlds Documentary N/A
Lot (ﻠﻮﻁ) Hazrat Lut As N/A
Lower Herodian The Lower area of Herodium complex N/A
Luquman N/A
Lut As (ﻠﻮﻁ) Biblical Lot, Hazrat Lut As N/A
Madain Saleh (ﻤﺩائـﻦ ﺼـاﻠﺢ) The cities of Hazrat Saleh As N/A
Madinah Through Time Madinah/Medina or Ancient Yathrib N/A
Madrassa al-Fakhar Haram al-Sharif N/A
Madrassa al-Uthmani Haram al-Sharif N/A
Maktab Khana Lahore Fort N/A
Malachi N/A
Mamilla Cemetery Old muslim cemetery near walled city of Jerusalem N/A
Mamilla Pool Old water reservior in Mamilla Cemetery N/A
Mamluk N/A
Manaratain Mosque Masjid e Manaratain in Medina N/A
Maps of al-Idrisi Maps drawn by Muhammad al-Idrisi N/A
Maqam Abdullah ibn Umar Homs, Syria N/A
Maqam Hud The tomb of Nabi Hud in Hadarmawt, Arabia N/A
Maqam Ibrahim Maqam e Ibrahim, Masjid al-Haram, Mecca N/A
Maqam Imam Ali Maqam-i Imam Ali in Ramla, Palestine N/A
Maqam Nabi Jibreen N/A
Maqam Nabi Shiyath N/A
Maqam Nebi Dhul Kifl N/A
Maqam Nebi Saleh Acre N/A
Maqam Nebi Yushu Pruported burial of prophet Yushu in Galilee N/A
Maqam Sheikh Ahmad Dajani Maqam-i Sheikh Ahmad Dajani in Jerusalem N/A
Maqam Sheikh el Katanani N/A
Maragheh N/A
Maragheh Observatory N/A
Maranjab Caravanserai Maranjab Dessert, Iran N/A
Marib (ﻤـأﺭب) Capital city of Ancient Saba N/A
Marid Castle Castle conquered by Khalid bin Walid Ra N/A
Marwah Gate Marwah Gate of Masjid al-Haram N/A
Marwani Mosque N/A
Mary Magdalene N/A
Masjid Areesh N/A
Masjid e Maryam Zamani Begum N/A
Masjid Jezira Haft Talar Gawadar, Pakistan N/A
Masjid Saeed al-Hamidi Wadi al-Baih, United Arab Emirates N/A
Masjid u-Shajarah One of the Miqat station near Dhul Hulaifah N/A
Masjid u-Shajarah Mecca N/A
Masjid-i Haram N/A
Masjid-i Khalil N/A
Masjid-i Nabawi (ﻤﺴﺠﺩ ﻧبـﻭﻯ) The mosque of Prophet N/A
Masjid e Taneem Also known as Masjid Aiesha N/A
Masjid al-Nabawi Minarets Minarets of Masjid al-Nabavi N/A
Masjid-i Nabawi Library The library of the Prophet's Mosque N/A
Masjid Shab-bhar Mosque believed to have been built over single night. N/A
Masjid Shaikhain N/A
Matanyahu Seal N/A
Mausoleum of Abu Huraira Mausoleum of abu Huraira, Yibne, Palestine N/A
Mausoleum of Habil Burial of Adam's son Abel N/A
Mausoleum of Saladin Burial of Salah al-Din Ayyubi N/A
Mecca N/A
Mecca Through Time A pictorial timeline N/A
Medina N/A
Medina Azahara Medieval Muslim palace-city in Spain. N/A
Medina Through Time N/A
Mehrab Dawud Prayer niche of David on Temple Mount N/A
Mehrab Fatima Original Tahajud spot of prophet Muhammad N/A
Mehrab Nabawi Mehrab Nabawi, Riyad ul-Jannah, Masjid al-Nabawi N/A
Mehrab Suleimani Mehrab of Suleiman in Masjid Nabawi N/A
Mehrab Tahajjud Prayer niche of Tahajjud N/A
Mehrab Uthman Mehrab of Caliph Uthman in Masjid al-Nabavi N/A
Mehrab of the Prophet Mehrab Nabawi, Riyad ul-Jannah, Masjid al-Nabawi N/A
Mehrabs of Masjid al-Nabawi Prayer niches in Prophet's Mosque, Medina N/A
Mehrabs of Temple Mount Prayer niches in Haram al-Sharif, Jerusalem N/A
Me'iraaj N/A
Memorial Church of Moses Modern day church atop Mount Nebo N/A
Meraj Journey to Heavens N/A
Meritamen Queen who found Moses in the Nile N/A
Merneptah Stele Very first mention of Israel in history N/A
Mesopotamia N/A
Mevlid Halil Mosque Mosque at the site of Abraham's birthplace N/A
Micah N/A
Micaiah N/A
Middle East N/A
Middle Kingdom Ancient Egypt N/A
Midian N/A
Migration to Abyssinia Hijra towards Habshah N/A
Migration to Medina Hijra towards Medina N/A
Mikveh of the Priests Large mikvah in Ophel N/A
Mina N/A
Minaret of Isa Madhana Isa, Masjid al-Umawi N/A
Minaret of the Bride Madhanat ul-Urus, Masjid al-Umawi N/A
Minaret of the Qaitbey Madhana al-Qaitbey, Masjid al-Umawi N/A
Minarets of al-Aqsa N/A
Minarets of Masjid al-Nabawi N/A
Minarets of Umayyad Mosque N/A
Minbar of the Prophet Minbar Nabawi N/A
Miracles of Jesus N/A
Miriam N/A
Mistarah Mosque Masjid Mistarah N/A
Moab N/A
Model of Huldah's Tomb in Holyland Model of Jerusalem N/A
Monastery of Bahira Basilica in Bosra N/A
Monolith of Silwan N/A
Mordecai N/A
Moroccans' Gate Bab al-Maghribah, Haram al-Sharif (Temple Mount) N/A
Moses (ﻤوﺴﻰ) Musa As N/A
Mosque-Cathedral of Cordoba N/A
Mosque-Madrassa of Sultan Hassan N/A
Mosque of Abi Darda N/A
Mosque of Ali ibn abi Talib Medina N/A
Mosque of Ascension N/A
Mosque of Atban ibn Malik N/A
Mosque of Khalid ibn Waleed Homs, Syria N/A
Mosque of Nabi Nuh Mosque of Nebi Nuh, Cizre N/A
Mosque of Nabi Shiath Third son of Adam N/A
Mosque of Omar Masjid Omer in old city of Bethlehem N/A
Mosque of Omar Old Masjid e Umar in Medina N/A
Mosque of Salman the Persian N/A
Mosque of Seven Sleepers Chenini, Tunisia N/A
Mosques in India A compehensive list of mosques in India N/A
Mosques in Jerusalem List of Mosques in the city of Jerusalem N/A
Mosques in Medina List of Mosques in the city of Medina N/A
Mosul N/A
Moti Masjid Lahore Fort N/A
Mount Aaron Jabl-i Haroun, Turkey N/A
Mount Hor N/A
Mount Moreh N/A
Mount Nebo (ﻄﻮﺭِﺴﻳﻨـا) The mountain of Nebo N/A
Mount of Olives N/A
Mount of Olives Jewish Cemetery N/A
Mount Moriah N/A
Mount Scopus N/A
Mount Sinai (ﻄﻮﺭِﺴﻳﻨـا) The mountain of Sinai N/A
Mount Zion N/A
Muazzin's Platform Masjid al-Nabawi N/A
Muhammad (ﻤﺤﻤﺩ) Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) N/A
Muhammad al-Baqir Muḥammad al-Bāqir was the fifth Shia imam. N/A
Mummy of Ramesses Cairo Museum N/A
Musa (ﻣﻭﺳﻰ) Hazrat Musa As (Moses) N/A
Musamman Burj Lahore Fort N/A
Mushaf-i Usman Ra (ﻤﺸـافِﻋﺛﻤـان) The Quran of Hazrat Usman Ra N/A
Muslim Quarter Muslim Quarter, Old City of Jerusalem N/A
Muza Port N/A
Mysteries of the Bible Documentary N/A
Nabi Akasha Mosque Jerusalem N/A
Nabi Musa Palestine N/A
Nabonidus N/A
Nahr Rubin Bridge Mamluk era bridge over Nahr Rubin, Yibne, Palestine N/A
Nahum N/A
Najashi N/A
Nakhchivan N/A
Nasir al-Din al-Tusi N/A
Nathan N/A
Naulakha Pavilion Lahore Fort N/A
Nazareth (اﻠﻨـاﺼﺮة) The city where Jesus (Isa) As grewup N/A
Nehemiah N/A
Neriah Son of Mahseiah and father of Baruch and Seraiah N/A
Nile River N/A
Nimrod (ﻨﻤﺮﻮﺩ) King Nimrod of Babel N/A
Nimrod Fortress N/A
Noah (ﻨوح) Hazrat Nuh As N/A
Noah's Ark (ﻜﺷﺘـئ ﻨوﺡ) Kashti-i Nuh As N/A
Northern Wall Temple Mount N/A
Notable Interments of Bab al-Rahmah cemetery Notable people buried at Bab al-Rahmah cemetery N/A
Notable Interments of Jannat ul-Baqi Notable people buried at Jannat ul-Baqi N/A
Notable Tombs in Mamilla Cemetery N/A
Nuh (ﻧﻭﺡ) Hazrat Nuh As (Noah) N/A
Nur al-Din Madrassa N/A
Nur al-Din Bimaristan N/A
Nymphaeum Roman nymphaeum at Jerash N/A
Nymphaeum Roman nymphaeum at Petra N/A
Oak of Abraham Oak of Mamre N/A
Obadiah N/A
Octagonal Church 1st century church over Peter's House, Capernaum N/A
Oded A prophet in the Hebrew Bible N/A
Okhdood (اُﺧﺩُود) As'Ha'b-i Okhdood N/A
Oman Tiberias N/A
Omari Mosque Tiberias N/A
Omman N/A
Omer Mosque Mosque of Umer in Jerusalem, Palestine N/A
Omer Mosque Mosque of Umer at the site of Battle of Trench N/A
Omer Mosque Mosque of Umer in Haram al-Sharif (Temple Mount) N/A
Ophel N/A
Paien Bagh Hamam (Royal Baths) Lahore Fort N/A
Palace of Caiaphas Ruins of Caiaphas' palace N/A
Palace of Urwah N/A
Palestine N/A
Paris N/A
Pediiset's Statue Statue bearing last known Egyptian inscription of Canaan N/A
People of Abraham N/A
People of Ilyas N/A
People of Jonah N/A
People of Lot N/A
PERF 556 Papyrus bearing the seal of 'Amr ibn al-As N/A
PERF 558 Papyrus of 'Abdullah ibn Jaffar N/A
Peter the Iberian N/A
Petra Petra in Jordan N/A
Pharaoh of the Exodus N/A
Phinehas N/A
Philistines N/A
Pilgrimage Proxy Scroll 4737 N/A
Pilgrimage Proxy Scroll 4746 N/A
Plagues of Egypt Plagues of Egypt N/A
Polish Catholic Church Via Dolorosa, Jerusalem N/A
Pontius Pilate N/A
Pool of Sacred Fish Abraham's Pool, Halil ur-Rehman Mosque in Urfa N/A
Pope Urban II Pope Urban the second N/A
Prayer Niche of David Mehrab-i Dawud As N/A
Prison of Jesus Purported locations, where Jesus was imprisoned N/A
Professions of the Prophets What did they do? N/A
Promissed Land N/A
Prophet's Mosque Masjid al-Nabawi N/A
Prophetic Calendar Jewish Prophetic Calendar N/A
Prophets and Messengers in Quran Prophets & Messengers mentioned in Quran N/A
Prophets of Abrahamic Religions N/A
Pulpit of Burhan ul-Din Minbar of Burhan ul-Din, Haram al-Sharif N/A
Pyramids (اﻫﺭامِ ﻤﺻﺭ) Egyptian Pyramids N/A
Qabeel (قـابـﻴل) Cain, The Son of Adam As N/A
Qanatir Arches at Temple Mount (Haram al-Sharif) N/A
Qasr al-Bint Temple of Dushara at Petra City N/A
Qasr al-Farid An unfinished tomb at Madain Saleh N/A
Qatar N/A
Qila-i Khaybar (قـﻠﻌﻪ ﺧﻳبـر) The forts of ancient Khaybar N/A
Qom-i 'Aad (قـومِ ﻋـا د) People of 'Aad N/A
Quba Gate Quba Gate of Masjid al-Nabawi, Medina N/A
Quba Mosque Masjid-i Quba in Medina N/A
Qubat ul-Sakhr'a (قـبة اﻠﺼﺧﺭة) Qubat ul-Sakhr'a, Jerusalem N/A
Queen of Sheba N/A
Qutb Complex N/A
Quwwat ul-Islam Mosque N/A
Rachel N/A
Ramla N/A
Ramesses II (ﺭاﻤﺴﻳﺲ) Pharaoh of Exodus N/A
Rashidun Caliphate N/A
Rawdah Rasool N/A
Rebekah N/A
Reccopolis N/A
Reccopolis Basilica Ruins of a sixth century Visigothic basilica N/A
Red Sea N/A
Remission Gate N/A
Riyad ul-Jannah Riyad ul-Jannah, Masjid al-Nabawi N/A
Rizvaniye Mosque Rizvaniye Mosque, Sanliurfa, Turkey N/A
Robinson's Arch Remains of Second Temple era arch N/A
Rome Ancient Rome N/A
Route of First Muslim Migration to Abyssinia First hijra route to Habshah N/A
Route of Second Muslim Migration to Abyssinia Second hijra route to Habshah N/A
Russian Orthodox Convent of the Ascension N/A
Ruth N/A
Sadd-i Qasr al-Bint Historic Dam of Khaybar N/A
Safa and Marwah Mounts of Safa and Marwah, Masjid al-Haram, Mecca N/A
Safa Gate Safa Gate, Masjid al-Haram, Mecca N/A
Saifu King of Axum N/A
Saint Catherine Monastery Santa Katarina, Sinai Peninsula, Egypt N/A
Saint Catherine Monastery Library Library of Santa Katarina N/A
Saint Helena Road St. Helena Road in Old city of Jerusalem N/A
Saint Peter Church in Gallicantu Commemoration church of Peter's rejection of Jesus N/A
Saint Peter Memorial Modern memorial Church over Saint Peter's house, Capernaum N/A
Saladin (ﺼﻼﺡُ اﻠﺩﻳﻥ) Salah ul-Din Ayubi N/A
Salah ul-Din Ayubi (ﺼﻼﺡُ اﻠﺩﻳﻥ اﻴوبـﻰ) Saladin N/A
Saleh (ﺼـاﻠﺢ) Hazrat Saleh As N/A
Salman the Persian (ﺴﻠﻤـاﻦ ﻓـاﺮﺴﻰ) Hazrat Salman Farsi N/A
Samadhi of Ranjit Singh Lahore Fort Complex N/A
Samarkand N/A
Samarkand Kufic Quran N/A
Samiri's Golden Calf Samiri's Golden Calf N/A
Samuel Prophet Samuel N/A
San Vincente de Avila Basilica de San Vicente Church in Avila, Spain. N/A
San'a Manuscripts 7th/8th century Quranic manuscripts N/A
Sanliurfa N/A
Sarah (ﺴـاﺮه) Wife of Hazrat Ibrahim As (Abraham) N/A
Saudi Arabia N/A
Saul Talut N/A
Sayee Gallery Sayee gallery between Safa and Marwah, Mecca N/A
Science and Islam 2009 BBC documentary N/A
Scrolls of Abraham Revelations to Ibrahim As according to Islamic tradition N/A
Sea of Galilee N/A
Seal of Benaiah Mud Seal of Benaiah son of Hoshaiah N/A
Seal of Gemariah Bulla of Gemariah son of Shaphan the scribe N/A
Seal of Hezekiah The Bulla of King Hezekiah N/A
Seal of Matanyahu N/A
Seal of Yehuchal The seal bearing the name of Yehuchal ben Shelemayahu N/A
Seat of Muhammad as-Sirat Bridge Location Marker N/A
Sebil Basiri Jerusalem, Palestine. N/A
Sebil Birkat e Sultan Jerusalem, Palestine. N/A
Sebil Haseki Sultan Jerusalem, Palestine. N/A
Sebil of Khalidi Jerusalem, Palestine. N/A
Sebil of Mustafa Agha Jerusalem, Palestine. N/A
Sebil Shaalan Jerusalem, Palestine. N/A
Sebil Shurbaji Jerusalem, Palestine. N/A
Sebil Suleimani Sebil outside Bab us-Silsilah, Haram al-Sharif N/A
Sebil Taraq ul-Waad Jerusalem, Palestine. N/A
Second Migration to Abyssinia Second Hijra towards Habshah N/A
Seraiah N/A
Seth Biblical name of Shiath N/A
Second Temple Second Jewish Temple N/A
Seven Mosques The Seven Mosques at the Site of Ahzab N/A
Seven Sleepers N/A
Shabwa Ancient Shabwa N/A
Shadad ibn Aws' Grave Grave of Shadad ibn 'Aws N/A
Shaddad (ﺸﺩاﺩ) King Shadad of 'Aad N/A
Shadad's Paradise Bagh-i Shaddad N/A
Shah Burj Shah Burj Lahore Fort N/A
Shah Burj Teh e Khana Shah Burj basement Lahore Fort N/A
Shah Jahan N/A
Shah Jahan Mosque First mosque of Britian in Woking N/A
Shajarah Mosque Masjid Shajarah in Medina N/A
Shalamar Bagh N/A
Sheba (ﻤﻠﻜة ﺴبـاء) The Queen of Saba N/A
Sheikh Jarrah Mosque Sheikh Jarrah Mosque, Jerusalem N/A
Sheikh LouLou Mosque Emir Bader al-Din Lulu Mosque, Jerusalem N/A
Sheikh LouLou Street Sheikh Lulu Ascent, Jerusalem N/A
Shem N/A
Shemaiah N/A
Shish Mehal Lahore Fort N/A
Shisr (ﺸِﺴﺮ) Ancient Shisr (Ubar) N/A
Shivta Mosque Seventh century mosque in Negev N/A
Shoaib (ﺸﻌﻴب) Hazrat Shoaib As N/A
Shrine of Bilal ibn Rabah Shrine with cenotaph of Bilal Habshi, Amma N/A
Shrine of Yahya Burial of the head of Yahya according to Islamic tradition N/A
Shurbaji Mosque Jerusalem N/A
Shushan Gate N/A
Siege of Dapur Relief Relief on Karnak temple walls depicting siege of Dapur N/A
Sinai Mountain (ﻄوﺮِﺴﻳﻨـا) The mountain of Sinai N/A
Silwan N/A
Sirat Marker N/A
Site of Jesus' Baptism Jordan River N/A
Sitna Aiesha Maqam Syedena Aiesha, Nebi Musa N/A
Sodom and Gomorah Part of 2005 Documentary Digging for the Truth N/A
Solomon (ﺴﻠﻳﻤـان) Disambiguation N/A
Solomon (ﺴﻠﻳﻤـان) King Solomon, Hazrat Suleiman As N/A
Solomon's Stables Stables of Suleyman As N/A
Solomon's Temple (ﻫﻴﮐﻞِ ﺴﻠﻴﻤـاﻨﻰ) Temple of Solomon As N/A
Southern Wall Southern wall of the Temple Mount (Haram al-Sharif) N/A
Sphinx (ابـواﻠﻬﻭﻞ) Great Sphinx of Giza N/A
Spring of Moses N/A
Station of Abraham Maqam-i Ibrahim As, Masjid al-Nabawi N/A
Statue of Pediiset Last known Egyptian inscription of Canaan N/A
Stone of Anointing N/A
Street of the Prophets Jerusalem N/A
Suffah Suffah platform, Masjid al-Nabawi N/A
Suleyman (ﺴﻠﻴﻤـاﻦ) Hazrat Suleiman As N/A
Sultan Ahmad Mosque Blue Mosque, Istanbul, Turkey N/A
Sultan Han Sultan Han Caravanserai, Sultanhani, Turkey N/A
Sultan Han Mosque Mosque inside Sultan Han Caravanserai, Turkey N/A
Sumeria N/A
Surah al-Baqarah Second chapter of Quran N/A
Surah Yousaf N/A
Syedena Ayesha Maqam Syedena Aiesha near Nabi Musa N/A
Synagogue at Capernaum Fifth century remains N/A
Synagogue Church Nazareth N/A
Synagogue of Jesus Remains of first century synagogue at Capernaum N/A
Syria N/A
Ta'akha Maryam Palace N/A
Taif Ancient Taif N/A
Takht-i Suleiman N/A
Talut King Saul of Israel N/A
Tanakh N/A
Taq-i Kisra (طـاقِ ﻜﺴﺮا) White Palace, Ctesiphone N/A
Taqi al-Din N/A
Tashkent N/A
Tatev Monastery N/A
Tayma N/A
Tel Dan Probable city of Hazrat Yaqoob As N/A
Tel Qazi (ﺗﻞ اﻠﻘـاﻀـى) N/A
Temple Mount Al-Haram Al-Qudsi Ash-Sharif N/A
Temple Mount Model in Jerusalem N/A
Temple of Herod N/A
Temple of Solomon N/A
Temple of Winged Lions Temple of Winged Lions in Petra N/A
Ten Commandments Ten Commandments of Moses (Musa As) N/A
Terah (ﺗـاﺮﺡ) Father of Abraham (Ibrahim As) N/A
Thamud (ثَمود) N/A
The Ancient World 2004 documentary presented by historian Bettany Hughes N/A
The Empire of Reason Part of 2009 Documentary Science and Islam N/A
The Language of Science Part of 2009 Documentary Science and Islam N/A
The Lost Tribes of Israel Part of 2005 Documentary Digging for the Truth N/A
The Power of Doubt Part of 2009 Documentary Science and Islam N/A
The Message N/A
The Story of God 2005 Documentary N/A
Third Intermediate Period N/A
Thutmose III Another candidate as Pharaoh of Exodus N/A
Tiberias N/A
Tiferet Yisrael Synagogue N/A
Timeline of Crusades A comprehensive timeline of the crusades N/A
Tomb KV7 Tomb of Ramesses II in Kings' Valley N/A
Tomb of 'Abbas Mausoleum of 'Abbas, al-Baqi, Medina N/A
Tomb of Aaron (مقبرة هارون) Burial of Haroun As N/A
Tomb of Abdullah ibn Rawaha Jordan N/A
Tomb of Abraham Burial of Ibrahim As N/A
Tomb of Absalom N/A
Tomb of abu Darda (مقبرة ابو دردأ) Burial place of abu Darda N/A
Tomb of abu Huraira A list of purported burial locations N/A
Tomb of abu Huraira Mausoleum of abu Hurairah in Damascus, Syria N/A
Tomb of ahl-i Bayt (مقبرة اهل البيت) Mausoleum of ahl-i Bayt, al-Baqi, Medina N/A
Tomb of Aidughdi Kubaki Zawiya Kubakiyya, Mamilla Cemetery, Jerusalem N/A
Tomb of Anarkali Lahore, Pakistan N/A
Tomb of Benei Hazir N/A
Tomb of Benjamin Maqam Bin-Yamin, Kfar Saba, Palestine N/A
Tomb of Bilal ibn Rabah (مقبرة بلال ابن رباح) Mausoleum of Bilal Habshi, Damascus N/A
Tomb of Dahiya Kalabi Mount Moreh, Galilee N/A
Tomb of David Jerusalem N/A
Tomb of E
Tomb of Eve Burial of Hawwa As N/A
Tomb of Hassan al-Ra'ayi N/A
Tomb of Huldah Model of Huldah's tomb N/A
Tomb of ibn Athir N/A
Tomb of Imam Bukhari N/A
Tomb of Jafar ibn abi Talib Jordan N/A
Tomb of Jesus N/A
Tomb of Jesus The tomb of Jesus inside Holy Sepulchre N/A
Tomb of Junayd al-Baghdadi N/A
Tomb of Khadija bint Khuwailid Tomb of Khadija bint Khuwailid N/A
Tomb of Khalid ibn Waleed Homs N/A
Tomb of Lazarus Tomb of Lazarus of Bethany N/A
Tomb of Mujir ul-Din 15th Century judge of Jerusalem N/A
Tomb of N
Tomb of Nabi Akasha N/A
Tomb of Nabi Sawarka N/A
Tomb of Noah List of purported places of Noah's burial N/A
Tomb of Noah in Cizre The purported tomb of Noah (Nuh) in Cizre, Turkey N/A
Tomb of Noah in Nakhchivan The tomb of Noah in Nakhchivan, Azerbaijan N/A
Tomb of P
Tomb of Prophet Muhammad N/A
Tomb of Rabia al-Awaddiyya Jerusalem N/A
Tomb of Rachel N/A
Tomb of Samuel Tomb of Prophet Samuel N/A
Tomb of Sawarka Maqam Suraqah, Kfar Saba, Palestine N/A
Tomb of Shoaib Burial of prophet Shoaib As N/A
Tomb of Sirri Saqti N/A
Tomb of Solomon Mosoleum of Hazrat Suleyman As N/A
Tomb of the Girl Purported location of Ibn Athir's burial N/A
Tomb of U
Tomb of Umar ibn Abdul Aziz Syria N/A
Tomb of Uthman ibn Affan Mausoleum of Usman Ghani, al-Baqi, Medina N/A
Tomb of Virgin Mary Tomb of Hazrat Maryam according to Biblical tradition N/A
Tomb of Zachariah Tomb attributed to Zachariah ben Jehoiada N/A
Tomb of Zaid ibn Harithah Jordan N/A
Tombs in Galilee N/A
Tombs in Jannat ul-Mualla N/A
Tombs in Jerusalem N/A
Tombs in Cave of Patriarchs N/A
Tombs in Pera N/A
Tombs in Valley of the Kings N/A
Tombs of the Sanhedrin N/A
Topkapi Palace N/A
Topkapi Manuscript N/A
Torah Tora't N/A
Tower of Babel Tower built by Nimrod N/A
Tower of David Jerusalem Citadel N/A
Tranquility Gate Bab al-Salam, Haram al-Sharif (Temple Mount) N/A
Treasury al-Khazneh, Petra N/A
Tübingen fragment N/A
Tunisia N/A
Tur-i Seena (ﺠبـلِ ﻤﻭﺴﻰ) The mountain of Musa (As) N/A
Turkey The mountain of Musa (As) N/A
UAE United Arab N/A
Ubadah ibn Samet's grave Grave of Ubadah, companion of Prophet Muhammad N/A
Ubar (اُوبـار) City of Hazrat Hud As prophet to 'Aad N/A
Uj ibn Anaq (ﻋﻭﺝ بـن ﻋﻨق) Biblical king Og N/A
Ulugh Beg Observatory N/A
Umar ibn abdul Aziz N/A
Umar ibn Khattab The second caliph N/A
Umariya Elementary School N/A
Umayyad Mosque Masjid-i Umavi N/A
Umayyad Mosque Minarets Minarets of the Umayyad Mosque N/A
Umayyad Palace Seventh century Umayyad Palace near Temple Mount N/A
Umrah Gate (باب العمره) 'Umrah Gate at Masjid al-Haram N/A
Ur (أوﺮ) Ur Kasdim (Ur of Chaldees) N/A
Uriah N/A
Urn Tomb N/A
Urwah ibn Zubair N/A
Usman ibn Affan The third caliph N/A
Ustawana e abi Lubabah Pillar of abi Lubabah, Masjid al-Nabawi N/A
Ustawana e Aiesha Pillar of Aiesha, Masjid al-Nabawi N/A
Ustawana e Hars Pillar of the Gurard, Masjid al-Nabawi N/A
Ustawana e Sareer Pillar of the Bed, Masjid al-Nabawi N/A
Ustawana e Wufud Pillar of the Congregations, Masjid al-Nabawi N/A
Uzair (ﻋُﺰﻴﺮ) Hazrat Uzair As N/A
Uzbakistan N/A
Valley of Moses (وادئِ ﻤﻮﺴﻰ) Wadi-i Musa As N/A
Valley of the Kings N/A
Via Dolorosa N/A
Wadi-i Muhassar (وادئِ ﻤُﺤَﺴﺮ) Destruction of Abraha's army N/A
Wadi-i Musa (وادئِ ﻤﻮﺴﻰ) Valley of Moses pbuh N/A
Wailing Wall N/A
Wailing Wall Plaza N/A
Walls of the Temple Mount Temple Mount (Haram al-Sharif) Walls, Jerusalem N/A
Warren's Gate N/A
Well of Mary (ﻋﻴﻦ اﻠﻌزراء) N/A
Well of Souls (بيئر ارواح) Bir Arwah, Haram al-Sharif N/A
Well of Urwah (بيئر عُروه) N/A
West Bank N/A
Western Wall Western wall of the Temple Mount (Haram al-Sharif) N/A
Western Wall Tunnels N/A
When the Moors Ruled in Europe 2005 documentary N/A
Wikipedia Wikipedia
Women's Mosque Women's Mosque at Haram as-Sharif
Yahya ibn Zakaria N/A
Yajuj, Majuj (ﻴـاﺠوﺝ و ﻤـاﺠوﺝ) Gog and Magog N/A
Yaqub (ﻴﻌﻘوب) Hazrat Yaqub As (Biblical Jacob) N/A
Yazour N/A
Year of the Elephant (ﻋـامُ اﻠﻓﻳﻞ) Abraha attacks, Mecca (Amu l-Fil) N/A
Yemen N/A
Yousaf (ﻴُﻮﺴﻑ) Joseph (son of Jacob) (Biblical) N/A
Zabur According to Islam, the holy book of Dawud N/A
Zahir al-Umar Arab ruler of northern Palestine in the mid-18th century N/A
Zakaria's Mehrab Mehrab of prophet Zakaria As in Dome of Rock N/A
Zain ul-Abideen N/A
Zam Zam (زَم زم) Well of Zam Zam, Masjid al-Haram N/A
Zawiyat al-Afghani Afghani Monastery in Muslim Quarter of Jerusalem N/A
Zawiyat al-Hunud Street Zawiyat al-Hunud street in Muslim Quarter of Jerusalem N/A
Zechariah (ﺰﻜﺮﻴـا) Zechariah (Biblical) N/A
Zechariah (ﺰﻜﺮﻴـا) Zechariah (Hebrew Prophet) N/A
Zechariah ben Jehoiada N/A
Zephaniah N/A
Ziggurt The great Ziggurt in Ur Kasdim N/A
Zipporah The daughter of Jethro and wife of Moses N/A
Zophar N/A
Zoroaster N/A
Zulaykha (ﺰُﻠﻴﺧـا) N/A
Zulqarnain (ﺰﻮاﻠﻘﺮﻨﻳﻦ) N/A
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