Tower of David Mosques

At least two mosques are known to exist inside the Tower of David or Jerusalem Citadel.

circa 1550 CE

This small mosque inside the Qala Dawud, known as the Masjid al-Sayf (Summer Mosque), functioned as an open-air area for prayers. It served the troops garrisoned in the Citadel, thus enabling soldiers to perform the prayers without leaving the Citadel. A concave pointed-arched mihrab niche facing south is built in the center of the southern wall and is flanked on either side by a stone battlement. The mosque has no distinctive external facades.

circa 350 CE

The Ottoman era Masjid al-Qala', with Mehrab and the pulpit, it has been converted in to a museum. Originally there were six recesses with slits are symmetrically placed in the western wall of the hall, with the piers located along the wall separating those recesses from each other. The western and eastern recesses were blocked when the mihrab and the minbar were installed.

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