Timeline of Ridda Wars

Date Events Notes Reference
632 CE
26 June Army breaks camp The army of Usama broke camp and moved out. After leaving Medina, Usama had marched to Tabuk.
20 July The apostate army moved from Dhu Qissa to Dhu Hussa, from where they prepared to launch an attack on Medina.
21 July Abu Bakr marched from Medina with the main army and moved towards Dhu Hussa.
1 August On the morning Abu Bakr led his forces to Dhu Qissa and defeated the rebel tribes and captured Dhu Qissa.
4 August Usama's army arrived in Medina. The army had been away for 40 days. Abu Bakr ordered Usama to rest his men in Medina and re-equip them to fight against the rebels.