Temple of Derr

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The Temple of Derr or el-Derr is a speos or rock-cut Egyptian temple in Lower Nubia. It was built during the 19th Dynasty by Pharaoh Ramesses II. It is the only rock-cut temple in Nubia, which was constructed by this pharaoh on the right (or east) bank of the Nile and used to stand at el-Derr.

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The Derr structure was known in ancient times as 'The Temple of Ri'amsese-meryamun [Ramesses II] in the Domain of Re ' and was dedicated to the god Ra-Horakhty.


circa 1260 BCE

First Hypostyle Hall
This hall measures some 14 meters in length and 12 meters in width. At one time this hall had a roof, supported on twelve columns, of which only the basis remain. The Osirid statues that adorned the inner most line of columns in the first hall and the group of seated divinites in the sanctuary, have been hacked away.


circa 1965 CE

The Temple of Derr, like many others in Nubia, was dismantled in 1964 CE in order to save it from the waters of Lake Nasser. It was moved to a new location close to that of the temple of Amada from its original site on the Nile's east bank a few miles to the south.

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