Temple Mount (Temple Mount in Holyland Model of Jerusalem)

The depiction of Temple Mount in Holyland Model of Jerusalem as it stood in the first century CE before the 70 CE destruction. It was called the second temple and was the Jewish holy temple which stood between 516 BCE and 70 CE. According to Jewish tradition, it replaced Solomon's Temple (the First Temple), which was destroyed by the Neo-Babylonian Empire in 586 BCE, when Jerusalem was conquered and part of the population of the Kingdom of Judah was taken into exile to Babylon.

circa 10 BCE

The Temple Mount section of the Model with the Royal Stoa to the left, the Shushan Gate, modern day Golden Gate in the foreground wall, and Fortress Antonia to the right.

circa 10 BCE

Reconstruction of the temple under Herod began with a massive expansion of the Temple Mount. Religious worship and temple rituals continued during the construction process. Herod's Temple was one of the larger construction projects of the 1st century BCE.

circa 10 BCE

The Royal Stoa as seen from the east outside the temple Mount, from Kidron valley. During the Herodian period, this colonnaded hall, known as the Royal Stoa, graced the whole length of the Southern Wall. Constructed in the shape of a basilica with four rows of forty columns each, it formed a central nave in the east end and two side aisles. For most part this was a marketplace and the main part of this building was used for the changing of money and purchase of sacrificial animals.

circa 1000 BCE

Computer generated 3D reconstruction of the Temple Mount.

circa 10 BCE

Eastern gate of the Temple Mount, the possible Shushan Gate. According to Middot 1.3, there was only one gate in the Eastern Wall of the Temple Mount: “the Eastern Gate on which was portrayed the Palace of Shushan”. When the Jews returned from the captivity in Babylon, and were permitted to built the Temple once again, the King commanded them to make a sign in the shape of Shushan in the Temple.

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