Tel Hazor

Tel Hazor (תל חצור) also Hatzor (חצור) and Tell el-Qedah (تل القضاه‎), is an archaeological tell at the site of ancient Hazor, located in Israel/Palestine, Upper Galilee, north of the Sea of Galilee, in the northern Korazim Plateau.

circa 1000 BCE

The Upper City of Hazor includes the Solomonic city gates, a restored Late Bronze Age temple, and the city acropolis. Mentioned in the Bible "And Joshua at that time turned back and took Hazor and smote the king thereof with the sword, for Hazor beforetime was the head of all those kingdoms." - Joshua 11:10. It is located some 40 meters above the south side of the valley. The size of the upper city is 100 Dunam (10 Hectares), and was protected by massive walls. This is the major part of the city, with the palaces and temples. Only this section is opened to the public.

circa 1000 BCE

The Solomonic gate is located in the center of the upper city, allowing entry in to the citadel from south-east direction. The gate is symmetric on both sides of the entrance, and is composed of two towers, three rooms within each tower, and two bastions projecting on both side. Dated to the 10th century BCE, this gate has six chambers and two towers. Similar gates have been uncovered at Megiddo, Lachish and Gezer.

circa 1000 BCE

In a historic find, a large fragment of an Egyptian statue measuring 45 X 40 centimeters, made of lime-stone, was discovered In the course of the current season of excavations at Tel-Hazor, north of the Sea of Galilee in Israel. Only the lower part of the statue survived, depicting the crouching feet of a male figure, seated on a square base on which a few lines in the Egyptian hieroglyphic script are inscribed.

circa 1000 BCE

The lower city is a huge area (700 Dunam, 70 Hectares) located north to the upper city, across the Hazor valley. The lower city is surrounded by a rampart, and a narrow strip extending to the east. A number of structures have been unearthed here: a Canaanite temple (13-14th century BCE) with statues; remains of structures, tombs and pits, Canaanite temples (18-13th century BCE); four gates of the lower city found on top of each other, five gates.


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