Syedena Aiesha (Maqam sitna ‘Aisha)

On the south-east side of Nebi Musa, seen on its left side below, is a single caped tomb named Syedena Aisha meaning "our Lady Aisha".

circa 100 CE

View of the Masjid Sittna Aisha from the south-east corner. According to the local tradition it belongs to Aiesha bint-i Abu Bakr third wife of prophet Muhammad, which is highly unlikely. The tradition of Aiesha being buried here may be far from reality as she was buried in Baqi ul-Gharqad in Medina.

circa 100 CE

Aerial view of the structure, View from the east, T. Canaan called this shrine a masjid (mausoleum) and described it as follows, “Masdjid sittna ‘Aisha in the neighborhood of Nabi Musa has vault resting on four comer pillars, where the south side has been completely closed, and the eastern and western only partly built. A simple, square handsome building with the northern side completely opened, and the east and west sides partly open, stands on the site of the old enclosure. No tomb, cistern nor tree is connected with this place” (1927, 18, 61).

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