Streets of Jerusalem

This page attempts to list the streets and squares of old city of Jerusalem.

Date Landscape Notes Reference
c. Tif'eret Israel street is one of the streets in the Jewish Quarter of the old city.
c. The Zawiyat al-Hunud Street Sign N/A
c. Misgav Ladach street (refuge for the suffering), named after the hospital of the same name, located on the same road. The name drives from the verses in the Psalms.
c. The King Faisal Street is a road in Muslim Quarter in the old city East Jerusalem N/A
c. Street of the Prophets, Rehov HaNevi'im) is an east–west axis road in Jerusalem beginning outside Damascus Gate and ending at Davidka Square. Located to the north of Jaffa Road, it bisects the neighborhood of Musrara. Established during the expansion of Jerusalem beyond the walls of the Old City in the mid-19th century.
c. Plugat Hakotel street (Platoon of the Wall), is named after a betar force in Palestine who carried arms and clubs, accompanied Jewish worshippers to and from the Western Wall.
c. Shmuel HaNavi Street (Samuel the Prophet Street) is a main road in north-central Jerusalem. Named after Samuel the prophet (11th century BC), the last Biblical judge, who annointed Saul and David as kings of Israel. The continuation of the street northwards winds up to the Tomb of Samual the prophet, after whom the street is named.
c. Ha-Bikurim street
c. Shonei Halachot Street, Just east of the Broad Wall is a small square from which Shonei Halachot Street descends to the east.. The arches of partially covered Shonei Halachot Rd. are simply one of the most aesthetically pleasing alleyways in the Old City.
c. Ha-Meziltayim street is next to Old City and is located in Jerusalem District, Israel. Ha-Meziltayim Road has a length of 0.03 kilometres.
c. 1930 CE Originally named the Straus Street, it was renamed as the Chancellor Street during the British Mandate. It reverted to it's original name in 1948.
c. CE Nablus Road, Derekh Shekhem) is one of the traditional routes into Jerusalem's walled city. Starting at the Damascus Gate, it is the ancient road north. Several points of interest are located on this street including Garden Tomb, Tombs of the Kings, Sheikh Jarrah, Saint George's Cathedral.
c. CE Zion Gate Street
c. The ceramic street sign of Sheikh LouLou Street.
c. CE Ararat Street, important points of interest include Saint Mark's Syriac Church
c. CE Lion's Gate Street
c. Via Dolorosa inscription under the Arch of Ecce Homo
c. CE Jewish Quarter Street
c. as-Saadia Ascent is a street inside the walled city of Jerusalem close to the Damascus Gate.
c. 1000 BCE General view of the Herodian Street along the Western Wall of (Haram al-Sharif). The shops as seen on the left were probably on both sides of the road. Pile of stones in the background is from Roman destruction of the Temple from 70 CE.
c. CE Ha-Tuppim Street
c. CE Omar ibn el-Khattab square is one of the liveliest places in old city. It runs from inside Jaffa Gate to the beginning of the Armenian Quarter at Armenian Orthodox Patriarchate Road. It is named after the second caliph Umar ibn al-Khattab of the Islamic world.
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