Shurbaji Mosque (Jerusalem)

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The Mosque al-Shurbaji (مسجد الشوربجي) is a small mosque located near the historic Damascus Gate of old city of Jerusalem. Originally it was established as a Sabil Waqf was appended to the fountain of Shurbaji structure. It is accessed by entering the Old City to the junction of Khan al- Zait, al-Jabsheh, Harat al-Sa’diya, and al-Wad streets.

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Named after one of the scholars. It’s a small mosque with no minaret. The mosque is located between the entrance of Khan Az-Zeit Market and Al-Wad Street, near Al-A’moud Gate. It is used by the traders in the area and the passing through.



The sabil is strategically located within the city in the proximity of Bab al-'Amud. Its location fills the gap left by the 16th century sabils of the Ottoman Sultan Sulayman. According to the foundation inscription panel and its waqfiyya, the sabil was founded in 1097/1685-6. The founder is 'Abd al-Karim al-Shurbaji, the son of Mustafa, a pious man. From the list of his endowments in the waqfiyya, al-Shurbaji must have been a wealthy man.

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