Sheikh Jarrah Mosque (Jerusalem)

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Sheikh Jarrah Mosque (مسجد الشيخ جراح) is located in the eastern part of Jerusalem, on Jarrah Road. Sheikh Jarrah established a zawiya (literally "angle, corner", also meaning a small mosque or school), known as the Zawiya Jarrahiyya (زاوية الجراحية).

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It is a small mosque, characterized by its coldness in the summer, built to meet the needs of the few inhabitants.

This mosque is attributed to a famous leader in the saladin army called al-Hussein Bin Issa al-Jarrah. When he died in 598 Hj., he was buried on the south side of nablus road, and a room was built over his grave. On The South-Western side of this room, a mosque was built in 1313 Hj. / 1895 CE, and its area is about 35 sqm.

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