Sheikh Jarrah Mosque

Sheikh Jarrah Mosque is located in the eastern part of Jerusalem, on Jarrah Road. Sheikh Jarrah established a zawiya (literally "angle, corner", also meaning a small mosque or school), known as the Zawiya Jarrahiyya.


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circa 1200 CE

The archaeological park of the "City of David" is accessible through the street of Ma'alot Ir David (Hebrew: "City of David Ascent"). The corner of the street is just a few dozen meters east of to the Dung Gate, near the southern side of the temple. Sheikh Jarrah was buried on the grounds of the school. A tomb was built in 1201, which became a destination for worshippers and visitors. A two-story stone building incorporating a flour mill, Qasr el-Amawi, was built opposite the tomb in the 17th century.

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