Mount Safa and Marwah (Jabl-i Safa wl-Marwah)

Jabl-i Safa o Marwah are two hill peaks in Sacred Mosque Complex between which Muslims travel back and forth seven times during the ritual pilgrimages of Hajj and Umrah.

In Islamic tradition, Ibrahim (Abraham) was commanded by God to leave his wife Hajara (Hagar) and their infant son alone in the desert between al-Safa and al-Marwah with only basic provisions to test their faith. When their provisions were exhausted, Hagar went in search of help or water. To make her search easier and faster, she went alone, leaving the infant Ismail (Ishmael) on the ground.

She first climbed the nearest hill, al-Safa, to look over the surrounding area. When she saw nothing, she then went to the other hill, al-Marwah, to look around. While Hagar was on either hillside, she was able to see Ismael and know he was safe. However, when she was in the valley between the hills she was unable to see her son, and would thus run whilst in the valley and walk at a normal pace when on the hillsides. Hagar travelled back and forth between the hills seven times in the scorching heat before returning to her son. When she arrived, she found that a spring had broken forth from where the Angel Jibreel hit the ground with his wing. This spring is now known as the Zamzam Well, and was revealed by the angel of God as both sustenance and a reward for Hagar's patience.

Date Landscape Notes Reference
Mount Safa Jabl-i Safa
Mount Marwah Jabl-i Marwah
General view of Sa'yee Gallery going toward al-Marwah General view of Sa'yee Gallery as pilgrims leave towards Koh-i Marwah at the start of Sa'yee
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