Sadd-i Qsr al-Bint

Sadd-i Qsr al-Bint is believed to be of pre-Islamic Nabatean origins. It is one of the largest ancient dams in the Kingdom. According to legend it was built by the Queen of Sheeba.

The dam structure is around 135 meters long and 20 meters high, constructed on a dried out river bed and almost one third of it has been breached. The upstream face is plastered with yellow mortar, the downstream face with bare stone.

Date Landscape Notes Reference
c. 500 CE Sadd-i Qsr al-Bint (Khaybar Dam) The remains of Sadd-i Qsr al-Bint one of the Khaybar dams N/A
c. 500 CE Sadd-i Qsr al-Bint (Khaybar Dam) Panoramic view of the Sid-i Qsr al-Bint N/A
Latest Update: June 28, 2015