Precinct of Montu

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The Montu Precinct, situated in the vicinity of Luxor in Egypt, is among the four principal temple enclosures that constitute the vast Karnak Temple Complex. It is devoted to the deity Montu of ancient Egypt, and it spans around 20,000 square meters. Unfortunately, many of the structures within the precinct have not been well maintained and are in a state of disrepair.


The primary attractions of the Montu Precinct include various temples dedicated to Montu, Harpre, and Ma'at, a holy lake, and the Ptolemy III Euergetes/Ptolemy IV Philopator Gateway, which is the most prominent structure on the site and can be easily observed from within the Amon-Re Precinct. This gateway, also known as Bab el’Adb, was accessed via a dromos that led from a quay to a channel connecting the fields of Montu of Medamud, which is located north of the city.

Beyond this gateway lies a spacious courtyard adorned with a colonnade from the 25th Dynasty era. At the southern end of the courtyard, a series of doors lead to vaults of Divine Adoratrices, situated adjacent to the northern section of the Amon-Re precinct.

The enclosure was built of mud-brick and restored by Nectanebo in the 30th Dynasty.

Notable Structures

circa 1400 BCE or Earlier

Temple of Montu
This temple consisted of the traditional parts of an Egyptian temple with a pylon, court and rooms filled with columns. The ruins of the temple date to the reign of Amenhotep III who rebuilt the sanctuary dating from the Middle Kingdom era and dedicated it to Montu-Re. Ramesses II increased the size of the temple by adding a forecourt and erecting two obelisks there. A large court with gantry gave on hypostyle open on the court, characteristic of the buildings of the reign of Amenhotep I. The sanctuary is made up as follows: a room with four columns serving various vaults of the worship and giving on the room of the boat which preceded the naos by the god. Nearby in Medamud was another Temple of Montu.

Temple of Ma'at
The Temple of Ma'at is the only extant temple dedicated to the deity Ma'at. The temple served as a court which judged the plunderers of royal tombs under Ramesses IX at the end of the 20th Dynasty.

Temple of Harpre
The Temple of Harpre's first construction may date back to the 21st Dynasty, though it was for the most part built under Hakor of the 29th Dynasty.

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