Pilate Inscrition Stone

Pilate stone or Pilate Inscrition Stone is a carved limestone bearing the name of Pontius Pilate the Roman prefect of Judean province during 26–36 CE.

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circa 30 CE

Original inscription stone bearing the name of located at the Israel Museum in Jerusalem. The partially damaged block is a dedication to the deified Augustus and Livia ("the Divine Augusti"), the stepfather and mother of emperor Tiberius, originally placed within a Tiberieum, probably a temple dedicated to Tiberius.

circa 30 CE

The inscription reads as follows
[DIS AUGUSTI]S TIBERIÉUM (To the Divine Augusti [this] Tiberieum)
[...PONTI]US PILATUS (...Pontius Pilate)
[...PRAEF]ECTUS IUDA[EA]E (...prefect of Judea)
[...FECIT D]E[DICAVIT] (...has dedicated [this]).

circa 30 CE

Replica casting on display in Caesarea Maritima it constitutes the earliest surviving record and a contemporaneous evidence for the historical existence of this person; otherwise known from the New Testament, Jewish literature and brief mentions in retrospective Roman histories.

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