Palace Tomb

Located at the foot of Mount al-Khabta, north of the Corinthian Tomb. The Palace Tomb has one of the largest facades in Petra. Meant to resemble a palace, it measures about 50 meters width and is almost as high, with part of the upper levels built instead of carved out of the rock. It was probably erected near the end of the Nabataean period at the end of the 1st century CE.

Date Landscape Notes Reference
The facade of the Palace Tomb, the lower part consists of 12 decorated columns and four gates. The second portal from the left is one of the most detriorated. The four portals lead in to four separate burial chambers, with three distinct stories in it's facade. N/A
The interior of the tomb, from the second portal N/A
Close up of the two southern most portals N/A
The details of the Palace tomb facade's upper right corner. N/A
The northern most three of the four portals Haupt & Binder
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