Castle of Urwah bin Zubair

The House of Urwah (Bayt Urwah), also known as the Castle of Urwah was discovered and excavated in 2013. The connection between the Urwah ibn Zubair ibn Awaam could not be established, it was merely named after him.


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circa 1800 CE

According to tradition Urwah bin Zubair purchased a portion of Khawwat bin Jubair's and converted it into a farm and also built a large fort on it. Urwah also had a well dug near this complex to water his land for the purpose of cultivation. In 2013, the historical ruins of an Ottoman era castle were unearthed in excavations carried out by a team of archeologists from the Supreme Commission for Tourism and Antiquities (SCTA). Among the discoveries were pottery, glass, tools made of stone, and steatite utensils, the Saudi Press Agency reported on Sunday.

circa 1800 CE

The excavations and restoration works were carried out over two seasons continuously in the valley near the ancient castle named after Urwah Bin Al Zubair, grandson of the first Caliph Abu Bakr. The remains of the Umayyad era castle included foundations of eight rooms on an area spreading over 40x30 square meters, and the walls were made of volcanic stones. No archaeological connection between the structure and Urwah could be extablished, the structure was merely named after him after the discovery.

circa 1800 CE

A panoramic view of the Ottoman era structure named as Castle of Urwah, before 2014/15 CE renovations.

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