Ninmah Temple

Ninmah or Ninmakh Temple, located near the Ishtar Gate on the Street of Processions. According to Tallay Ornan the plans of the temple and it's contemporaneous great palace of Nebuchadnezzar II resamble structures from the old Babylonian period rather than their Assyrian counterparts.

Date Landscape Notes Reference
c. 575 BCE Reconstructed facade of the temple, which lies to the right of the right side of the processional street it was dedicated to goddess Ninmah, the E-mah, one of a number of temples in the inner city of Babylon.
c. 575 BCE The central courtyard of the temple, currently the walls and roofs of the temple are in a very bad condition and no recent renovations have been done. Due to its use as military base by US the site has suffered extensive damage, according to a study by the British Museum, the damage was extensive: some 300,000 sq m (4,000 acres) was covered with gravel.
c. 575 BCE Artist's concept of the original building as it would have stood
c. 575 BCE The Saddam Inscription, mentioning the details of reconstruction.
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