Najashi (Negus)

Najashi (Negus) was the title of Ethiopian (Aksumite Kings). The term "al-Najashi" has the variant al-Negashi; it corresponds to the ancient Aksumite title Negus, with the variant Negash. According to Islamic sources, it was Najashi, who gave shelter to Muslim emigrants in 613-628 CE at Aksum, capital of Habsha. Sources do not mention the (proper) name of the Abyssinian king, based on other sources either two kings or one king with two names can be identified as Najashi.

First being Armah and other being Ashama ibn Abjar, either one of them is the possible Najashi of Muslims migrations, but mostly agreed upon Najashi is Ashama ibn Abjar.

Date Landscape Notes Reference
c. 614 CE An imaginary decpiction of Muslims being presented to Najashi. N/A
c. 614 CE Depiction of Armah on a silver coin minted during his reign. N/A
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