Mount Thawr

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The Mount Thawr (جبل ثور), is a rocky mountain, located some 4 kilometers south of Mecca. In Islamic tradition it is believed that prophet Muhammad took refuge here, in one of the caves, when the Quraish followed to capture him.

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The Jabal Thawr (literally meaning the "mount of the bull") stands some 760 meters tall, which is about 120 meters higher than the Jabal Nour. The name of this mount is also recorded in sources as the Athal or Thawr Athal.

The Cave


The Cave of Thawr () is located on the north-western ridge of the mount. It is a small cave, measuring some 3.1 feet at its widest, and total length is about 18 spans and width is 11 spans. There are two entrance in to the cave, one from the east and the other from the west.

According to the tradition prophet Muhammad and Abu Bakr left the city and took shelter in this cave atop the Thawr mountain before continuing their journey to elude the Quraysh party pursuing them led by Suraqa bin Malik. They stayed in the cave for three days before resuming their journey.


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