Minbar-i Nabawi (Pulpit of the Prophet)

The original minbar used by prophet Muhammad was a "wood block of date tree". This was replaced by him with a tamarisk one, which had a diemensions of 50 centimetres (0.50 m) x 125 metres (410 ft). Also in 629 a three staired ladder was added to it. The first two caliphs Abu Bakr and Umar did not use the third step due to "due to respect for the Prophet", but the third caliph Uthman placed a fabric dome over it and the rest of the stairs were covered with ebony. The minbar was replaced by Baybars I in 1395 and later by Shaykh al-Mahmudi in 1417. This was also replaced by a marble one by Kayitbay in late fifeteenth century, which as of August 2013, it still used in the mosque.


Pulpit of the Prophet, Masjid al-Nabawi

Minbar-i Nabawi, the pulpit of the Prophet Muhammad.

Malik Fahad Quran Complex

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