Memorial Church of Moses (Mount Nebo)

According to a few Islamic scholars Musa As was buried on this mountain, although there is another grave that is also said to be that of Musa As 11km south of Jericho.

Date Landscape Notes Reference
c. Atrium, narthex, and facade of the Memorial of Moses as it is today. N/A
c. The modern chapel presbytery, builty to protect the site and provide worship space, remnants of of mosaic floors from different periods can be seen. N/A
c. A large, braided cross, drafted in black on a white background. This mosaic decoration was laid on the floor of a side hall in the first Memorial of Moses. N/A
c. The South Baptistry, built when Martyrius was abbot of the monastery and Sergius was bishop of Madaba. N/A
c. The diakonikon-baptistry found in excavations under the Norh Hall. The hunting and pastoral scenes in the mosaic carpet are the work of Elias, Soelus, and Kaiomus. N/A
c. A column marking the VI milestone mentioned in sources from the Byzantine Period. N/A
c. The mosaic decorating the sanctuary of the Church of Sts. Lot and Procopius. N/A
c. Zooming towards south on the acropolis of Mukhayyet. The ruins of the Church of St. George are visible on the outline of the mount. N/A
c. View of the hill of Khirbet el-Mukhayyet, identified with the City of Nebo of Moabite Period (defensive walls and tombs of the Iron Age II), Roman Period (Herodian tombs), and Byzantine Period (the churches). N/A
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