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Mausoleum of Hurram Sultan

The Mausoleum-tomb (türbe) of Hurrem Sultan is located adjacent to Suleiman's, a separate and more somber domed structure, at the courtyard of the Süleymaniye Mosque. Hurrem died on 15 April 1558 and was buried in a domed mausoleum (türbe) decorated in exquisite Iznik tiles depicting the garden of paradise, perhaps in homage to her smiling and joyful nature.


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circa 1568 CE

It is located in the walled enclosure behind the qibla wall of the mosque of Sultan Suleiman I. Hurrem Sultan's octagonal mausoleum is dated 1558 CE, the year of her death. The 16 sided interior is decorated with Iznik tiles. The seven rectangular windows are surmounted by tiled lunettes and epigraphic panels. Between the windows are eight mihrab-like hooded niches The ceiling is now whitewashed but was probably once painted in bright colours.

circa 1568 CE

Inside the mausoleum, there are three graves. Largest tomb-stone belongs to the grave of Hurrem Sultan, wife of Sultan Suleiman, second belongs to Selim II and third belongs to Hanim Sultan, daughter of Hatice Sultan.

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