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Maqam Ubayd Allah ibn Umar

The Maqam of Ubayd Allah ibn Umar (مقام عبيد الله بن عمر), is believed to be located in the city of Homs, Syria. He was the son of the prominent companion Umar ibn al-Khattab the second caliph. The tomb of ‘Abd Allah bin Umar Ibn Khatab is inside the Masjid Khalid Ibn Walid at Hums.


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circa 657 CE

A corner of the mosque also includes a small sarcophagus covered in green cloth, believed to be a tomb of Ubaid Allah ibn Umar. This is most likely a cenotaph. Although it is known that he was killed in the Battle of Siffin, not much is known how and when he was interred here. It was recently renovated alond with the Mosque and tomb of Khalid ibn Walid after the complex sustained heavy damaged in the Syrian Civil War.


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