Maqam Nabi Dhul Kifl

Revered by the locals as the burial place of prophet Dhul Kifl


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The low rectangular door, partially visible here through the tall grass, allows entry into the structure (8.85 x 10.05 x 3.15 m) with two domes. The building itself is divided into two adjacent vaulted chambers, or iwans, separated by two arches and each chamber is crowned by a dome.


Interior, the mehrab looking towards the southern wall. A. Peterson mentioned pieces of a broken cenotaph in circa 2000 CE, but they no longer exist. The Arabic and Hebrew graffiti can be seen on the walls. Interior is divided.


Remains of a staircase along the north-western wall.


An aerial photograph of the area, showing the main structure, the smaller courtyard to the north and a larger courtyard to the north-west. In the upper left corner remains of other man made structures can be seen as well.

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