Khaybar Forts (Citadel of Khaybar)

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The Khaybar forts were a series of strongholds built in Khaibar. In 629 CE the Khaybar oasis was divided into three regions: al-Natat, al-Shikk, and al-Katiba, probably separated by natural divisions, such as the desert, lava drifts, and swamps. Each of these regions contained several fortresses or redoubts including homes, storehouses and stables.

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List of the Forts

circa 629 CE

Forts of Khaybar

The Qila al-Qamus, this probably is a modern structure, built on a basalt rock, Khaybar. Although the structures in the vicinity are believed to be the remnants of redoubts and houses from the time of Prophet, there is no direct archaeological evidence, as no archaeological excavations have been performed in the area.

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