Located 15 KM south of Jerusalem the fortress and the palace of Herod the Great.

Date Landscape Notes Reference
c. 20 BCE Josephus writes, "he built a wall round that top of the hill, and erected towers at the corners, of a hundred and sixty cubits high; in the middle of which place he built a palace, after a magnificent manner, wherein were large and beautiful edifices".
Wars 7 Chapter 6 Par 1.
c. 20 BCE The base of the eastern tower, the largest of the four towers. To the left of the round tower is the entrance to the fortress
c. 20 BCE The lower city is located on the north-west foothills of the fortress. The lower city structures contained offices of the district capital, palace rooms for the visitors and family, Roman garden, and a lake. It extended beyond the modern road, and include another bathhouse and other structures.
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