Herodian Ashlar

Herodian Ashlar refers to a piece of stone or rock that was used in masonray projects commissioned by Herod the Great and pertains to Herodian Architecture.


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The Western Stone in the western wall of Temple Mount, is one of the most well known stone belonging to Herodian masonary. It is the biggest herodian ashlar stone of the wall is located north of Wilson's Arch. It is


These ashlars along the southern wall of the Temple Mount between the Double Gate and the Triple Gate are twice the height of the other Herodian courses. These were a stabilizing band known as the great course.


The rubble in the Herodian Street from the 70 CE


The dressing of the stones at the cave of Machpelah


The Trumpeting Place inscription in its current location in Israel Museum. The piece measurs 84 cm in length, 31 cm in heigh and 26 cm in width.


Temple Warning Inscription is one of the inscriptions that were installed at the Temple Mount for infomation purposes. It is one of the two copies that is completly intact.

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