Ghamama Mosque

According to the Hadith tradition, once the people of Medina complained to prophet Muhammad on the lack of water and rain fall and their hardships in consequence. At the moment prophet was at the Masjid e Nabavi, he rose and emerged from the mosque and offered "Salat ul-Istisqaa" at this approximate location. As he prayed the clouds started to gather and rain fell.


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circa 700 CE

The facade and the main entrance to the mosque. The word "Ghamama" means cloud in arabic. It is situated near abi Bakr Mosque. Initially a small mosque was built here by first caliph Umer ibn Khattab it was was later renovated by Sultan Abdul Majeed Al Uthmani and recently by King Fahad bin Abdul Azeez Al Saud. This Masjid is in right front corner of Masjid Al Nabavi some 300 meters away from current gate to courtyard of the Masjid.

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