Dome of Rock Platform

A semi-rectangular platform at the center of the Haram al-Sharif,


The Dome of Rock (Qubat ul-Sakhr'a) is the most important structure over the raised plateau at Temple Mount (Haram al-Sharif). The dome of the Rock shrine, with the large golden dome and an octagon structure, was built by the Umayyad Khalif Abdul-Malik ibn Marwan in 691 (year 72 according to Muslim calendar), and named it after Omar. It is one of the most beautiful and enduring shrines in the World, and remained almost untouched throughout the years.

circa 700 CE

Arched gates, also called “scales,” (Qanatir) comprise a number of stone or marble columns that are linked together using arches. A number of arched gates surround the Dome of the Rock’s plateau on al-Aqsa compound, each one of them connected to a staircase. In addition to facilitating worshipers’ accessibility to the 4-meter high plateau, the gates were built to serve a decorative function.

circa 700 CE

Well of Souls at Temple Mount

Panoramic view of the Well of Souls underneath the Foundation Stone.

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