Dome of al-Aqsa (Qubbat ul-Masjid al-Aqsa)

The present-day dome was built by az-Zahir and consists of wood plated with lead enamelwork. Nothing remains of the original dome built by Abd al-Malik. Beneath the dome is the Al-Qibli Chapel (Arabic: المصلى القبلي‎ al-Musalla al-Qibli); also known as al-Jami' al-Qibli (الجامع القِبْلي)‎, a Muslim prayer hall, located in the southern part of the mosque.


Dome of al-Aqsa is the lead sheeted dome over al-Aqsa mosque. In 1969, the dome was reconstructed in concrete and covered with anodized aluminum, instead of the original ribbed lead enamel work sheeting.


Interior of the dome

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