Colonnade Street Petra(Decumanus)

The Colonnade Street runs through the center of Petra proper, with many un-excavated sites on either side. Itfollows the standard Roman pattern of an east–west decumanus, but without the normal cardo maximus (north–south axis).

Date Landscape Notes Reference
c. 200 CE The remains of colonnade street in city proper, Petra, looking towards the arched gate. It leads from main theater to the Qasr al Bint, the ancient shops that once flanked this avenue are gone or are in ruins. Qasr al-Bint is also visible in the background. Petra National Trust
c. 200 CE Standing in front of the great temple (stairs to the right lead to the temple entrance) view towards the royal tombs.
c. 200 CE Hardrian's Gate also known as Temenos Gate, view from outside the gate towards the Roman Cardo. The remains of a monumental door, with three arches, decorated on both sides with sculptures, carvings and niches built around the second century CE. It was ornamented with sculptures, carvings and niches with statues that merged elements of the Hellenistic-Roman culture with that Nabataean.
c. 200 CE Approaching colonnade street
c. 200 CE Situated just outside the Temenos Gate the view of Qasr al-Bint; looking south across the altar to the porch of the temple. The temple's cella is located behind the central arch. Wikipedia
c. 200 CE Temple of the Winged Lions, situated along the colonnade street N/A
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