Cradle of Jesus

According to the tradition, this is the location where Jesus was laid down by Miriam after being presented in the Temple at the age of 40 days. The cradle of Jesus is a stone alcove in the floor in the northeastern corner of the court at the entrance to Solomon’s Stables. The marble alcove originating from the early Byzantine period when it was possibly a setting for a statue of some sort[1]. Above the "cradle" is a dome supported by four marble pillars made by the Muslims most probably during the era of Sultan Suleiman the Magnificient. Access to this area by a winding staircase containing 32 stairs. Another tradition mentions that below this area is a crypt where the wooden cradle of the highly worshiped Jesus is reserved.

Date Landscape Notes Reference
c. 10 CE The recess in the floor underneath the dome is the purported Cradle of Jesus, this alcove is arched in shape and refined at it's borders in the shape of a conch shell, (1 x 1.60 meters). Above the "cradle" is a dome supported by four marble pillars, N/A
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