Council Gate (Bab al-Nazir)

The Council Gate, (Arabic: Bab al-Majlis; Bab al-Nazer‎), also known as the Inspector's Gate, is located on the western side. Located in Al-Aqsa Mosque’s western corridor to the south of Bani Ghanim’s Gate. It was renovated in 1203 CE (600 Hj.) by King Moathem Sharaf Ad-Din.


It is a huge gate with a 4.5 meter high entrance. The gate takes its name after the job of the Inspector of the two Noble Mosques (al-Aqsa Mosque and al-Ibrahimi Mosque) during the Mamluk Era. It is believed that the Inspector’s residence was close to this gate and that is why it was named after him. It was also called Michael’s Gate in the past, in addition to the Jail Gate because the Ottomans had built a jail next to it, and the Council Gate after the Supreme Islamic Council.

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