Chapel of Simon of Cyrene

The Chapel of Simon of Cyrene is a Catholic chapel belonging to the Franciscans in the Old City of Jerusalem. The place marks the fifth station of Via Dolorosa, and refers to the biblical episode in which Simon of Cyrene takes Jesus' cross, and carries it for him.

Date Landscape Notes Reference
c. The facade of the church has five points of interest i.e. the leaning stone, the lintel, the station marker, seal of franciscans and the Via dolorosa sign.
c. The interior of the chapel
c. The main service alter
c. The stone where Jesus is said to have leaned and touched with his hand when he felt dizzy and fell
c. The lintel about the entrance bears the the inscription "Simoni - Cyrenaeo | Crux Imponitur" meaning "Simon the Cyrene, Cross bearer".
Latest Update: July 09, 2018