Chapel of Imperial Cult

Originally the sanctuary had eight pillars, and was probably dedicated to goddess Mut. In the fourth century CE, the Roman imperial government, capitalizing on the site’s earlier significance, converted the temple into a military camp and constructed a lavishly painted cult chamber dedicated to the four emperors of the Tetrarchy.


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circa 280 CE

The apse of the Roman sanctuary, it was converted in to a church cira 300 CE after the Diocletian's persecution of Christians in Egypt. It was transformed, and an apse installed during the Era of the Martyrs along with a few other churches around the site. The small entrance in the apse leads to the offering hall of Alexander the Great.

circa 280 CE

Roman fresco in the sanctuary, probably recreated over the temple’s hieroglyphs, depicting the Roman soldiers who had occupied the site. These frescoes provide fascinating insight into the political landscape of the late Roman Empire and, as the only surviving wall paintings from the tetrarchic period, into the history of Roman art.

circa 280 CE

Close up of the Roman fresco in the Roman sancturay

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